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Sue Hecker, Karine Vidal and Carol Moura. Disclosure.
Sue Hecker, Karine Vidal and Carol Moura. Disclosure.

Three national hot authors you need to know

Learn more about Brazilian erotic literature with these three writers

Taboo or not, it is a fact that books focused on sexual themes have attracted more and more attention from readers. Driven by curiosity, by the desire to vent repressed desires or purely by pleasure, consumers of this type of literature have multiplied.

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Analyzing this situation, we separated three Brazilian authors of erotic literature, so you can learn more about this literary and breaking genre supporting national books.

Carol Moura

Escritora best-seller da Amazon, with more than 20 millions of readings on the platform, Carol Moura was born in Rio Grande do Sul in 1986, and today lives in South Carolina with her husband and son. She is the author of the books The Destiny of the CEO and King.

His writing is highly recommended for mixing romance and sensuality in a balanced way.

Karine Vidal

Born in 1994 in the State of Minas Gerais, is a lawyer and author of some novels, among them The Passionate Count and Perverse Princes. Best-selling writer by Amazon, School of the Dead is his most successful title, project that made her stand out in the universe of national fantastic literature.

Beyond fantasy, his book covers several hot scenes. Yet, the writer will release a hot book on LP soon.

Sue Hecker

With more than 30 thousand physical books sold and 25 millions of readings, the author is a success in the Brazilian erotic literature market. Debora Gastaldo, through the stage name Sue Hecker, achieved a resounding success with The Good Side of Being Betrayed, his first book, and today it already has 7 published works.

It is worth mentioning that this type of literary genre helps to spark the imagination of women and can even be considered a form of female emancipation.. Erotic books help to increase libido and improve self-knowledge of sex life. If you have more than 18 years, give the world of hots a chance, you can be surprised!

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