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Three physical exercises to perform at home during quarantine

Along with global concern defile himself with the new coronavirus, there is a caring how is the question of the physical activities that help the physical and mental well-being and strengthening immunity; expert tips list to help the population at that time

São Paulo, March 2020 – The pandemic of the new coronavirus – Covid-19- that caught the world totally unprepared, various sectors have closed the doors or performed a rotation system to avoid overcrowding, as cinemas, shopping for, Consequently, fewer people are infected. This week, the Federal District Government (GDF) He published a new decree suspending the operation of academies and museums. And one of the concerns of Brazilians amid this scenario is how will the issue of places to do gymnastics. The important thing is not to overlook the physical activities, being attentive to government recommendations to protect as many people as possible.

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According to Pedro Reis, founding partner of startup BAY, offering a gamificado health program for companies through physical activity, He explains that let the side exercises can not become an option, as we need to keep us healthy to face this pandemic, but, at the same time, It is necessary to take due care in the academy how to clean the equipment with alcohol gel. "In addition, we can choose to activities outdoors, where there is less concentration of people. Many companies have already adopted the measure of home office, therefore, we can also think of exercises with the help of youtube, while respecting its limits ", explains the expert.

On the list below, Pedro lists three simple exercises that can be performed indoors. Check:

1- Dance: if you are a dance lover, this can be a great option for the coming months, since, mostly, you only need a space for you to move enough. "You can choose which you prefer as zumba, jazz, body ballet ou fit dance, no matter the modality, what counts is the exercise that will help strengthen your immunity without you risking the crowds. on the web, You can find videos and channels made by great people, so you do not run the risk of injury ", argues Peter.

2- Aerobic exercises: as well as dancing, aerobic exercises help us burn calories and can be performed in different ways: Preferably outdoor walk, exercises on the stairs of your house or your building, or even a jog in the backyard. "No matter how use creativity to move around and not spend those days played on the couch. In addition, you can switch with stretching exercises, flexion, squat and plank, for example. I'm sure that, in this way, your body will not be outdated because of the quarantine ", He adds the expert.

3- Improvise in bodybuilding: for fitness lovers, there is nothing worse than getting a few days without lifting a weight, Right? And even if it is more complicated, yes you can perform these exercises at home with the help of a 1kg bag of sugar, or beans. Can be performed squats with weights improvised shoulder. "I tend to indicate the pet bottle to replace the gym weights, as well as having an interesting format, They can also be 'stuffed' of objects that leave them heavier or lighter, according to his need ", concludes Pedro Reis.

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