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Hercules Barsotti, "Wind vane", 1960, lithography s paper, 18 x 18 x 5 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

An artist and his collection

Five decades of friendship create a selection of special works that are presented to the cultural circuit

Ricardo Camargo Gallery exposes the show "Collection of an Artist" with 31 works of 9 artists - Alfredo Volpi, Amelia Toledo, Antonio Dias, Claudio Tozzi, Hercules Barsotti, Mira Schendel, Rubens Gerchman, Tuneu and Willys de Castro – the period between 1958 and 2008. The innovative dealer makes an exhibition Pop-Up, lasting nine days, result of a reunion among friends with more than five decades of relationship established on solid foundations and trust. Ricardo Camargo and Tuneu meet again after a long period the only revived the relationship built by the admiration and respect for each other and both the Brazilian art and its artists.

"In Art-Art met Ricardo Camargo who began his own career with his brother. Passed fifty-two years. Here we are in an exhibition of the collection of an artist (My God and my Glory). The set of works made possible by my interest and friendship with some artists who kept in touch since the late 1960s ", declares Tuneu, ‘the artist'.

At the beginning of the second decade of the millennium, Ricardo Camargo Selects 29 works from the personal collection of Tuneu, unpublished almost entirely, except for a Volpi and Barsotti already participating in retrospectives in museums, warm to mount a display.

Willys de Castro and the works of Hercules Barsotti makes up much of the exposure and artists with whom Ricardo shared lunch on Saturdays in Gigetto Restaurant, which heard, primary source, opinions, features and concepts of the great masters of contemporary Brazilian art. With its experienced vision, Ricardo Camargo, He joined this selection of two own works of authorship Tuneu, a small number not displayed yet.

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"I'm flattered that he has given me this opportunity to present a number of significant works", define Ricardo Camargo.

"I think the impact that the work of an artist creates in us, artists, is our aesthetic affinity and then comes the question: how did this? Our first interest is dialogue with colleagues. Thus the collection of an artist tries to maintain a dialogue with you on your wall and, daily, sets very special links with this universe ", says Tuneu.

Exhibition: “Collection of an Artist”
Coordination: Ricardo Camargo and Tuneu
Opening: 18 March 2020, on wednesday, at 19h
Period: 19 to 27 March 2020
Local: Ricardo Camargo Gallery
WebSite: www.rcamargoarte.com.br | Instagram: @ricardocamargogaleria
Address: Rua Frei Galvão 121 Sao Paulo-SP

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