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Candido Mendes University Launches Unprecedented Course for Professions of the future

Candido Mendes University Launches Unprecedented Course for Professions of the future

Extension course of creative economy and Cities beginning in September

Following the market trends, to University Candido Mendes (UCAM) launches, in agreement with the Brazilian Association of Cultural Management (ABGC), an extension course in Creative economy and Cities. Classes start day 12 September and will be collected fortnightly on Saturdays, from 8:0 to 5:0 pm.

The creative economy is a subject is reviewed, but little understood. These meetings aim to prepare professionals to deal with innovation, entrepreneurship and business through a consistent program, enlightening and inspiring. Released in four independent and complementary modules (structuring, of interface, sectorial instrumental), the course is so innovative format as your content. Major international destrincham teachers and deepen the emergency context of the creative economy, its concept as a new economic paradigm, their myths and facts, to result in the relations between creative economy and creative cities, in the territorialisation of the culture and collective intelligence in urban space.

Over the course of seven meetings that make up the structural module will address subjects such as development strategies, indicators and studies, and the fundamental bases of culture, technology, citizenship and identity. In addition, case studies of Brazil and the world in themed, probable and trends in training, and the exercise of critical eye on the creative economy and creative cities, over the course of interactive lessons, that count also with international lecture on the topic in the world and a visit to a creative venture of practice reference.

Structural Module

Creative economy – new paradigm for a world in transformation
12/set | Ana Carla Fonseca | Camp solutions

Indicators and studies-the creative economy in figures
26/set | John Leiva | J. Leiva culture and Sport

Creative economy-strategies, opportunities and challenges
10/out | Ana Carla Fonseca | Camp solutions

Creative economy and creative clusters – Cities the world trends
24/out | Ana Carla Fonseca | Camp solutions

Citizen culture and collective intelligence – reinventing cities
21/Nov | Alejandro Castañé-Adailton Mann | Camp – Cine solutions

Turismo creative – an integrated vision
7/Nov | Maurice Werner | Fgv Management

International lecture – creative economy in Latin America
24/Nov | Felipe Buitrago | IDB

*Hangout in Spanish, no translation.


Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa
Cultural and Social Studies program
Assembly Street, 10 – room 616 – Center – RJ
Tel.: (21) 3543-6489 / 3543-6457

e-mail: pecs@candidomendes.edu.br

Structural module- extension course creative economy and Cities

Load time: 56 h
Duration: 3 months
Period: September 2015 the November 2015

Days and times: bi-weekly classes, always on Saturdays, from 8:0 to 5:0 pm.

Local: Campus Center - Meeting Street, 10 / room 616 - Center – Rio de Janeiro

Investment: R$ 1.300,00

Installment 3 x in the check.

Possibility of payment in up to 5 x on the credit card.



Content coordinator – Profa. Dra. Ana Carla Fonseca Reis – PhD in architecture and urbanism (USP). Master in business administration (USP), Public Administrator (FGV/SP), Economist (USP), MBA (Fundação Dom Cabral). Founder of the company "Camp-economy solutions, culture and development ". International consultant and lecturer in 5 languages and 30 countries, author or editor of nine books, as "economy of culture and Sustainable Development" (Jabuti Award 2007) and “Creative Cities” (Finalist in the Jabuti award 2013).



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