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Universe of the Arts - END OF THE YEAR physical exhibition

CALL FOR Exhibition

Buana Lima é Artista Plástica, Escritora e Assessora de Artistas Plásticos.

Buana Lima is a Plastic Artist, Writer and Advisor to Plastic Artists.

We will do our big physical sample END OF THE YEAR (written in spanish) because our group was created in Argentina and has members from all over the world.. It will be an honor to have your participation.

If you want to participate: must create the work (Free Theme), send by email: universodelasartes@gmail.com (e-mail from my partner director and graphic designer in Argentina, Marcos Ozán) and we'll send it to a printer to do the graphic printing and put it on the walls of the Universo de las Artes gallery in Rio de Janeiro.

The show will be recorded by a professional who will make a beautiful video and will be posted on social media on the scheduled date. After participation, all participants will receive an international participation certificate..

The participation fee will entitle you to participate with 1 artwork, to the video and the certificate.

Come meet our arts group on facebook: Universe of the Arts.

We would love you to be able to participate in our year-end show with artists from all over the world.

For more info:

Buana Lima
my whatsapp +5521976163304
Social Networks: linktr.ee/universodelasartes

A big hug!

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