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V Municipal Cultural Conference happens this weekend

The Municipal Cultural Conference of Curitiba will be held next weekend, from 18 to 20 of december, in the Auditorium of the Instituto Federal do Paraná. The three days will be devoted to debate on the Municipal Cultural Plan. The more than 200 delegates elected in the sectorial pre-Conference, free and regional, held during the month of November and earlier this month, will discuss and vote on all the articles of a bill for the municipal plan.

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The internal rules has been set by the Municipal Council of Culture, It also approved the names that make up the Organizing Committee. As the Regiment, the first day will be reserved for the accreditation of delegates and the holding of a seminar attended by managers from other municipalities that already have deployed their plans and are integrated into the national culture System.

On Saturday (19) in the morning start discussions and deliberations on the report of the Organizing Committee, containing all the amendments proposed by the participants of the pre-Conference. The plenary will continue assembled Sunday (20) to finish this process, getting after the position of the Commission to consolidate the final document.

According to the President of the Organizing Committee, Elton Barz, This Conference will be discussed the general part of the Municipal Cultural Plan. A new meeting is already convened for the day 23 and 24 April 2016, When will be discussed the regional and sectoral plans and goals for the Municipal Plan. Closed this last step, the plan will be ready, and shall pass only by settings within the FCC and City Hall, before heading to vote at City Hall.

The Municipal Cultural Plan is the instrument of planning, affirmation of cultural rights and to the organisation of public policies within 10 years, worth between 2016 to 2026. This is the last requirement to be fulfilled by the municipality of Curitiba for its full integration into the national culture System.

V Municipal Cultural Conference
Local: Instituto Federal do Paraná – R. João Negrão, 1285 -Raheem

Dates: 18 to 20 th December 2016, from 9:00

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