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V international exhibition of Visual Arts HOW/AIAP 2015 by Rosângela Vig


Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

V international exhibition of Visual Arts HOW/AIAP 2015
by Rosângela Vig

Organized by the Cia Culture Art and curated by Paco de Assis, took place on 4 July, the V international exhibition of Visual Arts HOW/AIAP (National Union of plastic arts – Brazilian National Committee of AIAP, UNESCO).

Among the sites that have already been stage to the Salon, are important references in the city of São Paulo, as the Villa-Lobos Cultural Building, the Shopping Market Place and the Pine Club. And the event, This year is in its fifth edition, It was held at the Cultural Center Master of Assisi, in the pleasant historical town of Embu das Artes and seal a partnership between City Hall and the Department of culture.

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The city is already an artistic reference to the São Paulo State, received for the event, artists from Brazil, of Israel and Chile. Among the friends and guests, was present at the opening, the Consul General of Sweden, Hans Barry Bystedt, to honor his daughter Nicole Reiss, exhibiting and receiving. The exhibition, divided into two rooms had as guests hors concours important names in the art world, as Maria Bonomi and Antonietta Tordino and Galina. It was left to the jury, composed of Antonietta Tordino, Suzana Garcia and Dwayne White, Select the trophies, the medals and honors the best work from the Salon, in its various modalities.

The city takes its name from the Art, was perfect for the enjoyment of the works, with the cold and the sound of the sax musician Gibran Simões, Latin American representative of Mexico in Brazil.

Artists Hors Concours

Antonietta Tordino, Bia Black, Edu Silva, Eliana Tsuru, Ivone Talab, Jaime Marie, José Roberto Carvalho, Leonidas, Maria Bonomi, Olav Camps Galina and Paulo Dud.


1th place – Nicole Reiss-Santiago/Chile

21st place – PINK East-Uberaba/MG

3th place – Massako Koga-São Paulo/SP


Gold PaintingJoel Marshall
Silver PaintMarcia Vince
Bronze PaintingRobritto
Gold SculptureC. Morari
Silver SculptureAdina Worcman
Bronze SculptureErnesto Ferro
Gold DesignRosângela Vig
Silver designJorge Mendez
Bronze DrawingRosa de Jesus
Gold Digital ArtCassio Mattar Raabe
Silver Digital ArtFernanda Victorello
Digital Art BronzeSandra Lozano
Gold PhotoVilson Palaro
Silver PhotographyRaphaele Palaro
Gold CeramicMassaco Koga
Silver CeramicTiarô
Bronze CeramicRegina Franco
Gold WatercolorPaulette
Silver WatercolorSt. Peter
Watercolor Bronze Ana Andrade
Gold EngravingNicole Reiss
Silver engravingAl Barker
Honorable MentionCeres Panicucci
Honorable MentionLia Freitas
Honorable MentionMaria do Carmo
Honorable MentionAna Araújo
Honorable MentionCaio J Borges
Honorable MentionJacob Crystal
Honorable MentionEdith Popluhar
Honorable MentionLigia Desá
Honorable MentionSilvia Vale


Participating artists:

Anna Gaeta, Carmen F. Fonseca, Cristina Lisbon, Diana Mendes Pimentel, Edith Rizzo, Graciela C. Fiorese, Elaine January, Elsie P, Francisca do Val, Gonçalo Borges, Agnes Victoria, Ivan Melguiso, Izabel Litieri, Jason Figueiredo, Jorge Mendez, Jose Waldemar Noguera, Kazuhe Shizuru, Leila Lagonegro, Liza Ellwanger, Luis de Freitas, M. Clarice Sarraf, Malu Perlingeiro, Tony, Nina Spanos, Rimaro, Robritto, Rosa de Jesus, Rosa East, Simon Abuhab, Help Mota, Suely Osinski, Tize, Vilson Palaro, Walter Handro, Wilmar Carrilho da Silva and Gomes insisted and Milk.

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