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Vernissage Exhibition “World Religions”

Vernissage Exhibition “World Religions” in College Estação Business School

A very nice vernissage, with beautiful works of art, reciting poems and the book launch “Textos Pinçados”.

Curated by Carlos Zemek, exposure articulates a set challenging: poetry, painting, photography, engraving, sculpture, music and declamation. Different worlds who come to speak of the man and his religious vision, unprejudiced. The artworks speak for themselves to everyone who contemplates and values.

Carlos Zemek is a young curator belonging to a new generation experimentalists. Curious people, observant and inquisitive, seeking the integration of the arts. A look at Universal about a globalized world.

The exhibition "World Religions" moves between individual vision, subjective, and collective ideas about religions. The purpose is contemplation and reflection starting from images and texts. Attending the event were artists Celia Dunker, Gustavo Cardoso Melo, Ilia Ruiz, Katia Velo, Mercedes Brandão, Faustino Zard, Valeria Sípoli, Zemek Carlos and special guest Jose Antonio Lima. Also invited the photographer Gislaine Bueno and renowned photographer and filmmaker Neni Glock, which has already made several exhibitions abroad.

Also participated with poems in digital art:

Alexandra Barcellos, Eliziane Lobo Pcheco, Fernando Botto, Isabel Furini, Josette Garcia, Marina Carraro, Marli Andrucho Boldori e Willians Mendonça. The music was in charge of the trumpeter Paulo Cézar.

In the event the writer and journalist Eduardo Bettega launched his book "Textos Pinçados".

His book "Textos Pinçados" brings together the author's reflections on life and the world. Reveals the thoughts, the meditations of the author about a changing world. He advises early in the book that chronicles the collection that is launching were chosen from hundreds of chronicles written in moments of meditation.

Some subjects arouse readers' interest, such as:

But that craze usual human, Having gone through all quarters with the mind, Ah, I can speak in faith, Father gives me the hair brush, Doctor I'm in love with girl, Man is all ass, My purpose sincerity docked, and other.

An interesting book for people who feel the desire to question the world, to look at life with fresh eyes.

In continuation of the pages of the book "Textos pinçados":


"Every day is better than the previous.

And the week. And the month. And next year. And the decade. Each day is less bad than the previous. Not good. Yet. But less bad.

Because every day that passes reduces prejudices and stupidities. And every week. And every month. And every year. And every decade.

The ten years that pass I wonder how I could survive a decade ago. As at that time there was intolerance that today there is no more!

And then thirty years ... Unbelievable that mental conformation that time existed! Because there was was a lot of inconsistency. Exaggerated by today's standards. Unacceptable.

And time fifty years ago was unimaginable ...! Beings abused dressed like monkeys belching the greatness that never had.

Ah, liberalization of customs, each one assuming how it is and not as like others say it should be is daily conquest, each day gets better.

Glad Tidings!”

Eduardo Bettega is specialist in Social Communication, graduate degree from PUC - PR, 2002, and graduated in Social Communication, enabled to Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Also PUC - PR, 1981. Served since then in audiovisual productions in editing news stories for broadcasters Globe, SBT, CNT e UFPR TV. From 2003 to 2008 was teacher in Social Communication, Mafra / SC. He has published a book co-authored this opportunity and launch "Textos Pinçados", drawn from conversations and reflections.

More Photos:

The exhibition will be open to visitors until 31 of maio/13, daily from 10 às 18h30min, in Estação Business School, Av. Sete de Setembro, 2775, 5º andar, Curitiba/PR.

Worth checking out!



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