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Luisa Malzoni. Title: "Sewing Time". Date: 2002. Technique: Cyanotype, Van Dyke, Albumen and embroidery on fabric. Dimensions:180 x 230 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

Verve Gallery inaugurates individual Luisa Malzoni

“Eye d`Água "presents the results of extensive research on ancient techniques of photography and film, with works created from handmade printing processes of the nineteenth century

A Verve Galeria closes its exhibition calendar 2018 with individual “d`Água eye“, visual artist Luisa Malzoni, under the curatorship of Ian Duarte Lucas. The display memory has the theme, e cylindrical 30 works produced from ancient techniques of photography and film, composing craft printing processes of the nineteenth century, such as Cyanotype, albumin and Van Dyke brown Fabric, that in many works is also embroidered. The artist also explores reinterpretations and developments of their experience in restoration of old movie films, using S8 films rescued from their families, which turn into support for paintings.

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The production Luisa Malzoni It is based on extensive research on image ancestors processes, under the point of view of memory: “The memory and the old techniques are almost always present in my work, at least as inspiration. I like to mix the old with the new. The craft with digital. The old techniques are the embryo, my passion”, comments on the artist. elaborate pieces between 2001 and 2018 integrate the individual, whose title refers to a water source – in the sense that their studies fall on the photo of origin - and the name of his studio.

About creation method, Luisa Malzoni let the color of each technique take the results of their works, as with the Cyanotype, which yields a blue color, and Van Dyke brown. In other parts, artist color photographs and films by hand, obtaining new aesthetic possibilities. “I am very passionate about photography and the old silent cinema. I have the great good fortune to work with both, which incidentally are super Related. I love old craft techniques and. Explain how my production method I do not know, but I have great passion for study and create”, concludes.

Exhibition: “d`Água eye
Artist: Luisa Malzoni
Curated By: Ian Duarte Lucas
Coordination: The complete Seabra
Opening: 11 th December 2018, Tuesday, at 19h
Period: 12 th December 2018 to 2 February 2019
Local: Verve Galeria www.vervegaleria.com
Address: street Lisbon, 285 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP
Phone: (11) 2737-1249
Timetables: Tuesday to Friday, from 11 at 19h / Saturday, from 11 às 17h
Number of works: 30
Techniques: Photos craft fabric, embroidery, stereoscopic toys and seams
Dimensions: 16 x 16 cm a 180 x 230 cm
Prices: R$ 1.200,00 the R $ 25.000,00


Luisa Malzoni

Graduated in Photography at Senac-SP, in 2001, developing for 17 years his original work using traditional methods. He joined the Collective Workshop Light and held his first solo exhibition in 2013, No. Workshop Handyman, curated by Rosely Nakagawa. He taught photography workshops in various units of the SESC-SP, MAM - Modern Art Museum of Sao Paulo, and Casa Andrade. In addition to a photographer and teacher, worked for 13 years at the Cinematheque de São Paulo, researching and restoring films made with the first color techniques in film history. He worked with film restoration at Cinemateca Portuguesa Lisbon, in some seasons 2009, 2014 and 2015. Currently, develops his original work and works as a photographer and restorer.

Verve Galeria

The Verve is a contemporary art gallery founded in São Paulo, in 2013. In their spaces, taking ahead Allann Seabra and Ian Duarte Lucas, transits through various means and languages. Born of enthusiasm and inspiration that animate the spirit of artistic creation, Verve Gallery is home to different platforms of contemporary experimentation. The eloquence and subtlety that characterize its name are also present in the careful selection of artists and exhibition projects. Understanding that artistic languages ​​are continuous processes and complementary, It is new talent and established professionals who freely move between painting, photography, sculpture, video, site in situ, site-specific, engraving and street art. The gallery occupies a century-old house, and the diversity of its exhibition spaces emerge curatorial possibilities that go beyond the traditional format “white cube”. To open up to the street, establish open dialogue with the built heritage of São Paulo, fulfilling the integrative function between art, the public and the city. Seeks to go beyond the direct sale of art, promoting regular shows, lectures and workshops, and exchanges and partnerships with artists and galleries in Brazil and abroad.

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