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I SAW HOW Salon/AIAP 2016. Photo: Sandra Lozano.

I SAW HOW Salon/AIAP 2016 by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

The art was never as diverse in their languages. For Painting, by drawing, the Sculpture, for photography or Digital Art, the artist expresses what's inside; the art makes it clear. To the viewer, fits delight with the colors and shapes, and collecting emotions.

So was the delivery of the awards of VI HOW Salon/AIAP, Open the day 2 July at the Boulevard Shopping Tatuapé. The exhibitors and their works, all the merit of the most beautiful shapes and colors. The curators, the task of choosing and rewarding. Among visitors, artists, Trustees and guests, a stroll through the exhibition can enthrall the look.

In relaxed surroundings, confirmed the certainty about the professionalism of everyone involved with the event, both artists as curators.

HOW teams-ESP/AIAP and company art culture thank the participating artists, jurors Ernie Chauhan, Vagner Aniceto, Eliana Tsuru and partners: Home of the Restorer and newspaper without frontiers and Shopping Boulevard Tatuapé.


More photos: www.ciaartecultura.com.br/#!vi-salao/ctio

List of participants


M. AGNES SIMÕES SETHI 1st place trophy
ALICE ROMERO 2nd place trophy
OSCAR INNECCO 3rd place trophy

Gold medals

MORARI Gold Medal for Sculpture
IT'S ELENA. RAYMOND Gold Medal Watercolor
AL BARKER Gold Medal Engraving
MAHRAL Gold Medal Digital Art
MILTON BLASER Gold Medal Painting
SANDRA LOZANO Gold Medal Photography

Silver medals

ADILSON LEE Silver Medal Design
FERNANDA VICTORELLO Silver Medal Digital Art
NOBUO NAKATAMI Silver Medal Paint
PAULETTE Silver Medal Watercolor
RENAN LEANDRINI Silver Medal Photography
RICARDO RODRIGUES BACCHI Silver Medal for Sculpture

Bronze medals

EDUARDO MURGEL Bronze Medal Photography
FATIMA CAMARGO Bronze Medal Painting
JORGE MENDEZ Bronze Medal Design
LIYA Bronze Medal Digital Art
SÃO PEDRO Bronze Medal Watercolor

Honorable Mentions

AMILTON LEAL Honorable Mention Painting
ANA ANDRADE Honorable Mention Digital Art
ELSIE P Honorable Mention Painting
HEBE SUN Honorable Mention Painting
HELI FREIREG Honorable Mention Painting
AGNES VICTORIA Honorable Mention Painting
LIZA ELLWANGER Honorable Mention Painting
LUIS DE FREITAS Honorable Mention Digital Art
Honorable Mention Digital Art
REGINA VELLOSO Honorable Mention Painting
RICARDO ALVES Honorable Mention Digital Art
RIMARO Honorable Mention Painting
ROGÉRIO PANDEY Honorable Mention Painting
ROSANGELA VIG Honorable Mention Painting
SONIA SILVÉRIO AYMAR Honorable Mention Painting
VILSON PALARO Honorable Mention Photo

Detailed Exhibitions

ALMEIDA JR. Participation Painting
BACA Participation Painting
CARMINHA FERRARI Participation Painting
CRISTINA LISBON Participation Painting
DIANA MENDES PIMENTEL Participation Painting
EDUARDO LIMA Participation Painting
ELZA CARVALHO Participation Painting
ARNULFO CAETANO Participation Painting
HAZEL OF SAN FRANCISCO Participation Painting
LUCIANA CHIOVATTO Participation Painting
MALU PERLINGEIRO Participation Painting
MIDORI UEGAMA Participation Painting
NADJA OLIVEIRA Participation Painting
REGINA MARIA OF PASSION Participation Painting
ROBERTO CORNER Participation Painting
SIHLER Art Digital Participation
SILVIA CARRANO Participation Painting
HELP MOTA Participation Painting
SOLANGE KAEFER Participation Painting

Hours Concours

JURI: Ernie Chauhan / Vagner Aniceto and Eliana Tsuru

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