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Work of Sheldon's Jung. Photo: Disclosure.

Cultural Village Cora Coralina receives exposure “Net Times”, the cariocas Sheldon Jung and Elmo Malik

The artists cariocas Sheldon Jung and Elmo Malik landed in the Center-West of the country to expose the Cultural Village Cora Coralina (next to the teatro Goiânia). The press conference “Net Times” has free admission and indicative classification free. The visitation happens to 30 November, Tuesday to Sunday, 12h to 17h. The curator is Paul White.

According to the master in arts, Curator, film director and producer Sonia Garcez, the works of "Liquid Times" woven together the different aspects of life that fades.

“The standardized exercise of consumer relations translate into poetic which underline the relations while merchandise. Consume goods-signs. The volatility and the temporality exceed the time needed and what really matters is the satisfaction with the new. We are immersed in cyclic movements of deletions that give off us time to ourselves. This winding itinerary of society and the fragile bonds that support it are some of the elaborations presented at the exhibition”, explains.

Elmo Malik

Elmo Malik search conceptually, in your form of expression, address issues intrinsically linked to the popular imagination and everyday life. In his artworks, politics and questioning, working the duality relations. Just cut the life-gestures, people, space and time — carrying her symbolic validities and seeking a narrative of communion of different social elements. To focus the gaze in that direction describes and interprets, in the light of different symbolic propositions, narratives and aesthetics, the Union of multiple interests at disputes of society.

Technically interested in the aesthetics of the palimpsest, the worn, as well, the use of unconventional materials and the combination of different materials, discordant, descartes ' remains of ordinary life, covered in constructive possibilities.

They're like the work of lace-makers, node to node is, gently, created the scene, It is an embroidery of pearls, beads and all the decorations that we can imagine, everything in one hour, all in one time, all in one place…Elmo Malik with simple materials, carefully, architected, planned and executed, takes us to a world of ludicrously Baroque images, so sublime, so divine, even the angels resolve there live!\”

Sheldon Jung

Sheldon Jung is a restless artist who reinvents himself and thinks the world beyond real. An immersion in life, in art and the changes don't you go unnoticed. The strength of values enshrined, If thin, and we don't recognize. Nothing holds. New names emerge in frequent movements and developments as a liquid that flows continuously and changes shape as the container, leading people to the superficiality and lack of commitment. We live in a net-modern society, so well characterized and criticized by Zygmunt Bauman.

Jung explores themes about the abandonment, consumerism, disposable relationships, affective trivializing, the human disregard, the identities, the Beauty, the ephemeral. The hypermodernity drives the unbridled search for new seems to be above the permanent value. Its raw materials are dolls and dolls dropped by the society of consumption, turning it into a sort of archaeologist that the "human condition", through an unusual and rich collection. The scathing character material and symbolic of these objects can have a scary side, but have a potential aesthetic and metaphoric, very strong. It is with this sense that the artist, currently, transit a more surreal concept. An aesthetic that embodies the spirit of our time, When people are transformed into merchandise displayed on the shelves of the virtual world.

The set of works that make up the exhibition "Liquid Times" bring impact, density and destabilize the perfect balance between desire and repulsion. The juxtaposition of different elements – feet of old lamp to sustain doll heads – results in new parts, unique and curious. The matter that turns, to become into intriguing sculptures. Shapeless in pots of preserves bodies suspended by Struts forming a wall/window, integrate your poetic narrative. The mutation of alleged beings. The passage of time models the material – glass, empty spaces, full spaces, lights and transparencies. The story works the direction of perception. More than questioning about the dolls that no longer play your role, that are refuted, replaced, neglected, the artist in a self reflective attitude induces. What's our role and how we deal with this state of impermanence?

Jung reveals itself in the ability to peer into meanings and reinforce the importance of life, of the affections, social relations and the environment. For him, the universe of childhood stolen, the Banshee immemorial, the neglect of adults merge into exclusive contexts, devoid of senses. We have the weight of co-responsibility, thinking values and assign meaning to things, in the absence of this. (GARCES, Sonia – master of Arts, Curator, Film director and Producer).

Exhibition “Net Times”, Elmo Martins and Sheldon Jung.

Opening: 25 October, at 19h.
Visitation: from 26 October to 30 November, Tuesday to Sunday, 12h to 17h.
Free entry.
Parental guidance: free

Local: Cultural Village Cora Coralina – Room Sebastião Augusto Barbosa Filho – Tocantins Avenue with Street 03, Center, Goiânia – GO. Next to the teatro Goiânia.

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