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Work Borboleta Azul ASTA Birle. Photo: Disclosure.

Loughborough receives international exposure of naïve art

Works by artists from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Finland and Italy are part of the exhibition "world of Naive Soul", to be playing House of Vila Velha in Memory day 17

The lovely colored naïv art will be featured in the international exhibition "world of Naive Soul", that will be open for visitation from 18 November and 12 of december, in memory of Old Village House. The event will bring together 50 works of 24 artists from Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Finland, Italy, Peru, Romania and Israel. The vernissage will be the day 17, for guests.

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The Colombian painter Alejandro will participate in the international exhibition with the work "Bus Amarillo II". He claims to be very happy to expose in Brazil, country with a large number of artists in the naïve painting style. "It enhances my work and requires me, as an artist, to perform a work of high quality. I thank you for this wonderful country by reopen the doors to my job ", declares the artist, We have exhibited at the Modern Art Museum of Bahia. The paulista Henry Vitor also celebrates the opportunity to participate in the international naïve art. "In my work I seek the simple, the pure, the joy of everyday life. The aquatic screens, paints, silences, seek the beauty of blue green of memories ", says. And your screen, "Baby Jesus", will certainly delight the visitors of the exhibition.

Obra Bus Amarillo II de Alejandro Pinzón. Foto: Divulgação.

Play Yellow Bus Alejandro Finch II. Photo: Disclosure.

To the capixaba Angela Gomes, Curator of the exhibition, This will be a great opportunity for the capixabas met the work of so many Naïve artists recognized worldwide. "It's a huge satisfaction to be involved in an event so important and representative. I guarantee that every visitor will be delighted with the quality of the works that will be exposed ", declares. Including, the artist is who signs the screen event symbol, "The memory House – The Naive Soul ".

The exhibition will be open for free visits from Monday to Friday, from 08 to 17 hours and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 08 to 14 hours.

Obra Borboleta Azul de Asta Birle. Foto: Divulgação.

Work Borboleta Azul ASTA Birle. Photo: Disclosure.


The artists that are part of the group exhibition are: Angela Gomes (Brasil), Asta Birle (Brasil), Angela Rosalina (Brasil), Ademir Torres (Brasil), Alejandro Pinzón (Colombia), Carolina Karpati (Israel), Cristina Verda (Spain), Elsa Farias (Brasil), Sachin Parikh (Brasil), Collen Breda (Brasil), Fatima Camargo (Brasil), Henry Vitor (Brasil), Agnes Victoria (Brasil), Juju Menegatti (Brasil), José Manuel Escobar Rivers (Peru), Kia-Maria-Aho (Finland), Minna Lehvaslaiho (Finland), Marja – Muusa ¨ Hamäläinen (Finland), Ottilia Corms (Romania), Orna Geva (Israel), Rafael Leon (Italy), Susy Kleyff (Israel), Timo Hämäläinem (Finland) and Victoria Seppanrm (Israel).


International naïve art exhibition "world of Naive Soul"
Vernissage: 17/11, to 19 h (for guests)
Visitation: 18/11 to 12/12, Monday-Friday, from 08 to 17 hours and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 08 to 14 hours
Local: The memory House of Vila Velha (Rua Luciano das Neves, 14 | Prainha, Vila Velha)

Free entrance

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