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Virginia Costa

Virginia Costa é Artista Plástica.

Virginia's Coast Artist.

Virginia Costa

Autodidact (self taught), Virginia from an early age was interested in painting kits, color pencil and paper. However, was in 2002 who discovered the pleasure of painting by the influence of a young German artist. Switched so his career as Professor of English and German for screens, paints and brushes.

In 2004 did solo exhibitions in Andromeda Space Mall, the Caesar Business Hotel, throughout the showroom of furniture store Bontempo, the Cultural Space of the airport and Royal Bank, all in São José dos Campos. He was also selected for the 2nd contemporary art saloon in the same year.

In 2005 his works have been on display in the beautiful space of Labour Forum. Soon after his career had to be stopped to look after the health of his parents and the family business in Uberaba. In September 2006 Finally can return to São José dos Campos where maintains his Atelier.

Her new series of paintings entitled "Travels". In this new phase returns with greater wealth of details showing beautiful showcases of London, Brighton and colorful scenes of Brazilian beaches.

One of these paintings, What portrays one of the famous double-decker bus English, now part of the collection of London's Transport Museum ´. Another, depicting a colorful facade of English pub can be seen in the Art Museum of the Parliament of Sao Paulo.

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