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Waldir Bronson

Waldir Bronson é Artista Plástico.

Waldir Bronson is a Visual Artist.

Waldir Bronson

Waldir Bronson (São Paulo, 1984) academic training in fine arts and a minor in Visual Arts, However traverses several pictorial techniques, such as: watercolor, acrylic, oil, Encaustic, also performs a woodcut drawings and production.

Artistic training comes from 2002 with artistic drawing and watercolor lessons with Wilson Daniel, After acrylic painting with Hélio Barbosa (2002), GRAvura, metal and wood engraving with George Gütlich (2005 and 2006) and design of living model and painting with Rubens Matuck (2007 and 2011).

Waldir Bronson has held exhibitions since 2001, participating in Collective Exhibitions and Art Exhibitions in several Brazilian cities and has already done some individual shows in Avaré, Bauru, Jacareí and São José dos Campos. In addition to national shows, also held international conferences in Argentina shows, Spain, USA, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand.

In addition to visual artist, Waldir Bronson has performed regularly in animated shorts from 2012.


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Avare - Sao Paulo
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