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The UFPR Museum of Art - MusA has been producing a web series since its closure for public visitation. Entitled #WebMusA, with episodes lasting between six and twelve minutes each, the series features interviews with various experts dealing with subjects inherent to museums.

In order to promote wide access to the content produced, each episode is released in five simultaneous versions: to conventional, with audio description (AD), descriptive subtitling (LSE), LIBRAS translation and an English version. Todos os episódios já lançados podem ser assistidos no nosso canal do YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCY4TpmCYS1SqjSoTxrHNfEw/playlists

Day 25, at 4:00 pm (Brasilia time), lançaremos o 5º episódio da #WebMusA no nosso canal do YouTube.

Acesse aqui e defina o lembrete da estreia: 🎬 🎥

– Episode 5: youtu.be/lbKkEEsDzoc
Versão com audiodescrição (AD): youtu.be/Bk27uCqYzl0
Versão com legendagem descritiva (LSE): youtu.be/jzuWTp3V02o
Versão com tradução em LIBRAS: youtu.be/LM74hr2ZJX0

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