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WoodBangers LLC Network, Inc.

WoodBangers LLC Network, Inc.

Congratulations to our friends at WoodBangers, they do a wonderful job with their community! Let us know a little of their story:

The Origin of the Idea:

In the beginning of 2003 is when the idea of WoodBangers had started. It was the beginning of the internet social culture, the days of MySpace and Yahoo chatting; well when MySpace was a fun thing. I remember cutting up with friends about how what was happening online was to be the future of our culture, but everyone thought I was insane. As time progressed everyone seemed to start obsessing with their online persona, their customizing profiles, their internet friends & popularity; it seemed that everyone thought they were famous if they had a profile.

Then, it really began, the average person with any html skills could charge people to get them more fake friends; now look at us today. Communities filled with bands, actors, and everyday people pretending to know each other. Everyone craved to be in the top 8, really I guess that could be fun for some.

So, as time moved on we watched social network after social network use celebrity names, and talented people to draw in their user base; but in the end the people who drew in all the users were then charged to communicate with them. Music communities popped up everywhere supposedly designed to help musicians yet again pulling the same card, ripping the rug right out from under the talent.

Throughout all the time watching this we at WoodBangers have been working on the concept as to what we would do. Now 11 years into the thought process behind its creation, it has started taking shape. Now we begin.


What is a WoodBangers?

A WoodBanger in our eyes is someone who can take little to nothing and create a masterpiece. Kind of like a carpenter, a poet, an artist; but “We” WoodBangers are a team of creators. I guess you could say that a WoodBanger is a “Creator”.

Who is WoodBangers?

WoodBangers is a media outlet known as WoodBangers LLC Network, Inc., WoodBangers Magazine, WoodBangers Entertainment, WoodBangers Music Awards.

WoodBangers are a group of collective persons around the globe, which have been working on this project for a long time. The creators and idealist behind WoodBangers have multiple backgrounds most of which are in the Music Business. These people have been through it all, the good, the bad, and have watched and waited for the moment for this to unravel.

Others at WoodBangers are software programmers, Carpenters, musicians, recording engineers, bull riders, tattoo artist, attorneys, real estate agents, body builders, and some are chefs. All of the WoodBangers seek one thing out of this creation and that is to successfully create an online community which will never forget the people that are in it. A community that will never tell their members to stop promoting their talents. A community that will never charge the members to reach their full friend or fan list. A community which will give a service for its members and not charge them to use it.

A community which will listen to its members when something is going on. A community that will never merge with another community, nor tell you to join another site to keep your status.

So, Who is WoodBangers, to sum it up we are humans that have grown tired of watching the net use you.

Where is WoodBangers?

Online. It’s operators and owners live in the following states and countries.

Locations and details may be found on the Kohtakte Page

What is WoodBangers and what are the future plans?

WoodBangers LLC Network (net version) began as a simple website sharing our goals, life and dreams. It emerged into an online WebZine sharing reviews that were written by some of the members. As this progressed it slowly became a digital & physical magazine, a radio player (to help bands with Reverbnation Exposure) and, finally, the Network added its newly unveiled community. WoodBangers staff & crew have over a 4 month timeframe sank more than $ 15.000,00 into this much of the websites abilities, and to date refuse to every charge for their services. This group of hardworking compassionate people seek nothing but to enjoy what they have created and to share it with others.

The future of WoodBangers is already underway. WoodBangers are currently in the process of becoming members of NAMM, and are giving out awards, prizes, money, and music equipment to their members. The next few steps with WoodBangers is they are working on a video game, which will feature the websites new mascot for all of the members to enjoy. And last but not least, over the year of 2014 and 2015, WoodBangers will be traveling to see the world, explore cultures / music / lifestyles and in return share it all on their sites.

How to support WoodBangers?

You can support what WoodBangers do by becoming a member, sharing their sites to friends, even, by sending them postcards. You can sponsor the things we so, you can advertise with us, you can even sponsor Lisa WoodBanger™.

Join Us Now WoodBangers.com

Our Sponsors:

Sinister Guitar Picks – www.sinisterguitarpicks.com

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We Sponsor the following bands:

Element A440 – www.elementa440.com

1 Last Chance – www.1lastchance.org

Prey 4 Me – www.reverbnation.com/prey4me

We support or sponsor the following companies:

Echo Eyes Tour and Management

24 Hour Distribution

Project Independent

Radio Memphis



Dizzaster Records

Shadow Management

Metal Moose Radio

Lisa WoodBangers






WoodBangers LLC Network, Inc. | WoodBangers Magazine | WoodBangers Entertainment
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  • Head-Quarters: + 1 (213) 290-1705 (California, Arizona)
  • Georgia Office: +1 (678) 761-7642 (Atlanta, GA)
  • Illinois Office: +1 (312) 724- 9296 Fax: (312) 724-9290


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