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XX International Circuit of Brazilian art by Rosangela Vig


Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

XX International Circuit of Brazilian art
by Rosângela Vig

Are open, until day 1 August 2015, entries for the XX International Circuit of Brazilian art. The event, organized by College Art, from Belo Horizonte, will be this year in the city of Porto, in Portugal, in Bucharest, in Romania and the stage of the closure will be in Brasilia, at the Museum of the Republic, on 7 November at 19 hours.

The event, that twenty years, take the brazilian Art for Europe and the Americas, has the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Brasília – DF), In addition to Brazilian embassies and State and municipal Secretaries of Culture. For participating artists, In addition to the exhibition, There will be an extension course in fine arts, in the city of Porto between 28 and 30 September and 2 October, without cost, only the cost of $ 100 for the material. Occur even lectures with Professor Dr. Mariana Cimpreanu, Hyperion University, with certificates, without additional costs.

With the General Curatorship of Yolande George, the Board of Trustees still have as members, Aime Rocky (SP), Ana Cristina Madruga (RS), Angela Lewis (MG), Season Lucia Spaniol Staviano (SC), Dilva Camargo (RS), Deepak's (MS), Fatima Mirandda (MG), Grácia Benelli (RO), Helenilce Gusmão (GO), Josephine P (PI), Malu Perlingeiro (DF), Marcia Moura (SP), Marcílio Soares (PR), Marilia Pierazolli (MG), Pink Imthurm (SC), Help Lives (DF), Vanêza Lara (MG) and Virginia Pelozo (MG).

The works travel along with the Organizing Committee, who is responsible for the Assembly and disassembly of the event. This is a great opportunity for the artist to show his work outside of Brazil and enrich your curriculum.

Registration schedule:

Registration until 1 August

Delivery of signed contract, until 5 August

Photo of delivery work for insertion in catalogues, until 5 August

Delivery of logos if any sponsors, until 10 August

Submission of works, until 25 August

Shipment of the works- 20 September 2015

Exhibition schedule:

Porto / Portugal of 25 September to 02 October 2015


Social Factory Street, 4000 – 201

Porto / Portugal

Bucharest / Of Romania 06 to 10 October 2015


Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta Street, 38

Bucharest / Romania 050017

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