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Yohannah de Oliveira presents The Shape Of Life

The vernissage created by artist 26 years happens in CRANE CANVAS

A CRANE CANVAS presents the exhibition THE SHAPE OF LIFE, created exclusively by Brazilian artist Yohannah de Oliveira for the opening of the new segment of events to be held in CRANE, in Moema. The vernissage takes place in 12 of december, at 19h, remains on display until March 2020, and all the works are available for sale on site.

THE SHAPE OF LIFE It has screens, sculptures and fabric installations, beyond immersive creations CRANE, as a mini documentary about the artist and his creative process, and sensory effects that allow a reflective experience for visitors, about life as something abstract for some and with different formats to others. "It's been a very positive process the production of content in partnership with the creative minds of CRANE, they have given me increasingly sure that it is necessary to innovate, connections are required these days. ", says Yohannah.

About Yohannah de Oliveira

Yohannah de Oliveira (Rio Grande do Norte, 1993) is a Brazilian artist graduated in Architecture and Urbanism in Sao Paulo and Madrid, who discovered his passion – art – It was his vocation fact, After an immersive and paradigms breaks period while serving in volunteer work in Kona (Hawaii), where he remained for 3 months.

Since then, Yohannah decided to follow the visual artist's career and, in its main exhibition, working with different materials on different surfaces.

Organized by CRANE CANVAS, this show is an invitation to reflect on the abstract format that permeates the reality of everything that has life. With an experimental procedure, the artist prints his emotions in a succession of overlapping rights and wrongs, designed to provide a complete immersive experience, incorporating elements never before used in parts.

In this sense, the exhibition covers the informal abstraction and commitment of the artist to shed their experiences in unpredictable layers, putting the appreciation of the creative process in parallel with the life, on the other hand, makes each individual one being, which obtains different forms according to their experience over time, and the crystals.

THE SHAPE OF LIFE (The way of life) It has concrete parts, tissues, facilities with screens and crude crystals.

Exhibition The Shape of Life, Yohannah by Oliveira
Date: 12 th December 2019 to March 2020
Time: Monday to Friday, from 9 às 17h
Local: Peacock Avenue, 590 – Moema
Entrance: Free, with prior appointment
Phone: (11) 5534-5060
E-mail: visitcnvs@crn.rocks

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