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Yoshimaro Sakita

Yoshimaro Sakita

74 years – oil screens, abstracts (nay, Pinto according to my instinct, I don't know where it fits my style). On behalf of Yoshimaro Sakita, I have several reproductions on facebook. Paint portraits of commercial way to earn money and buy materials, because nobody lives of Breeze.

As I'm the only one in the region that accompanies the artistic evolution, I don't know if I'm good or mediocre. I am a lonely painter. Others produce landscapes, flowers, in old-fashioned way, obsolete, already banned from the arts world.. Working in the atelier and call themselves realists. Please, What I seek is who can assess my work. Study art since I was a kid, wielding pencils, gouache, wax and oil.

My works have already been seen in Plastic and Visual Arts events.

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Bastos – São Paulo
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E-mail: demitido41@gmail.com



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