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Zac and the time machine – Check on Villa Hauer Cultural – Sunday


Zac and the time machine.

Zac and the time machine

The show directed by Sergio Rezende Del Giomo, and conducted by Cia de Artifícios Teatrais talks about Zac, a boy restless and intelligent. One day, fleeing from a bully, he enters the laboratory of Professor, who has just created his greatest invention: the time machine! It is clear that Zac, fumbling, start the machine and ends up going to various eras in time, causing much confusion. He finds Colombo in the discovery of America, discovers a terrible threat in the future of mankind and ends up giving of face with a dinosaur in prehistory. Zac is a show with lots of action for children of all ages.

Tickets: R$20,00 and R$10,00, Bonus 50% discount and advance purchase 50% discount (contact by facebook, by phone 3333-7652 or 9960-4496)

Date: 14/07/2013 – to 10:00 hrs.

Address: S. Bom Jesus Iguape Street, 2121, Hauer, Curitiba, POSTAL CODE: 81610040

Event of the show on Facebook

Facebook Villa Hauer Cultural

http://www.fundacaoculturaldecuritiba.com.br /Curitiba-features /

Worth Checking Out!


Villa Hauer Cultural

Specialty: Cultural Venue

Phone: (41) 3333-7652

WebSite: www.facebook.com/VillaHauerCultural

E-mail: villahauer@gmail.com

Opening time:

Every day from 8am to 22 hr

Description: The Villa Hauer Cultural is a space that receives cultural attractions: shows, exhibitions and plays, among others, schedules.


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