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Zaza Garden - "The Art of Fibril", by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

1 – Where you were born and what their academic training?

I was born in São Paulo and lived in this beautiful city by 42 years. I have no training beyond the perception sharpened. Made courses at ESPM and soon was working. Shortly before 30, year of 1.999 30 I Sociology at EPHFs SP, but not complete all read a lot, but like most of the deals do. In France, when I lived there, I studied French at the Sorbonne in 2012.

2 - How and when it takes its first contact with art?

My first contact was traveling, the Northeast artesania, the Brazilian Amazon and in the decade of 70 when I visited Calouste Gulbekian in Lisbon. Wonderful! Time that the entire collection was still restricted to the headquarters of the Foundation. I was always attentive to exhibitions and even outside academia, I lived in the arts with great taste.

3 - How did you find out or that gift?

I believe that the human being naturally possesses all the gifts if they are encouraged. I write poetry since 12 years and my notebooks are full of collages and drawings, but I did not consider myself artist. Stained glass made with a friendly neighbor. Always enchant me the talents, do, people, the motivations, but I did not see myself doing. So much so that in 1992 I created a company operating allowing artistic careers in show business, events was a very strong line. The artist was born Zaza Garden intense and defined in 2010. Are 10 years of activities and exclusive in the art.

4 - What are your main influences?

My biggest influence is the notice. What I feel with the view of something and how this "something" touch me. In 2003 I met Diva Bus when invited to do an exhibition in my Fanzine PNOB. created the Zazaísmo that "re-know the ability of human beings to think" and she adopted the motion. In 2009 I felt a huge vibration and asked TO Diva Bus to teach me to do Paper. In February I spent a week at his home and was born Zaza. I believe I was his last student, to follow the mission of art fibril.

5 – What materials do you use in your works?

The cellulosic Fibril is the basis of everything. The fibrils are DNA Trees, who give their lives so that we have roles. Books, notebooks, newspapers, and especially old books of all times, that allow a difficult investigation behavior and density, challenging the creative work and behavior of the work.

The water, o sol, the rain, the land, the mineral pigments.

Ahh…. mineral pigments are essential for the creation of colors and settlement of all. I do expeditions to collect pigments in nature and have over 80 cataloged. Each fibril and each pigment are infinite elements… and rain…

6 - How is your creative process itself? What inspires you?

What inspires me and what I feel inside out.

Is a cry of the soul, is a poem of mine who needed a picture, is a moment of instinct.

In addition to this impulsiveness, I have developed more research and deepening some specific issues that challenge me.

The nature of life is always an inspiration, the greatest art and artist of all.

7 - When did you start effectively to produce or create their works?

I began to produce immediately to have the week of lessons with Diva Bus.

It was February 2010. I arrived at the house that already lived there 20 years and it seemed that all the tools and places were waiting ZAZA. I had a studio ready, washbasins, and garden tools all ready. I started a mega immediate production. So much so that in April 2010 It happens the first exhibition in an international event on sustainable architecture Biennial Building Sao Paulo, occupying the main square, the mezzanine, the press room and living room of the presidency over 120 works, being 6 of them 2,00 meters of height.

8 - Art is an intellectual production exquisite, where emotions are inserted in the creation of context, but in art history, we see that many artists are derived from other, according to technical and artistic movements through time. Do you own any model or influence of any artist? Who would be?

The art of making art has invaded my life with the technique of Diva Bus. Recycle paper. I believe that this particular strain is very challenging and the challenge took my life and I dedicate today exclusively in diving and discover their capabilities.

Be behavior, is aesthetic, or even the size of allowing nature to impose their will. I allow to be invaded by her will and specificity. Many times, very simple and profound. So it's a delivery, availability for notice of nowhere something that had not been realized.

In art one great promoter of this line is Mira Schendel, genial!

9 - What is art to you? If you were to summarize in a few words the meaning of the arts in your life…

In my point of view, art is the existence. We were born the art of loving, two people, culminating in a vivid orgasm for us to be fertilized. The art is alive and there is art. Whether for humans and animals, either for the microscopic or space life, is for nature and for the time.

Realize and respect that is essential, but life would be meaningless.

fractal systems of nature teach us that our fractal imperfection, makes alchemy.

The rest is imposing.

10 - What techniques do you use to express their ideas, feelings and perception about the world? (Whether it is through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, photography… or uses several techniques in order to make a mix of different art forms)

The art of Zaza is exclusively Fibril cellulose, mineral pigments, water and Zaza.

On that basis decided to take over from the beginning, that only I would use and would even where not imagine.

Exhibitions people have the need to touch them, smell and question the durability. Are centuries as a book, as a fossil.

It allows me to make a work that can hover in the air so light, pass the "bio scrolls", "Brazilian Papyri" I created these nomenclatures to set a standard that did not exist, until you reach the cellulosic clay.

thus it allows me to produce art as support and also painting 0% to 100%.

Textured formats, thicknesses. Yet let me make interventions collages, stamps, relay, inlay. Even in this production Spain 2019, in 2 specific series… created painting processes unreleased, reliefs and mosaics on parchment, always a challenge that no school. Soon begin to also teach.

11 - Every artist has his mentor that person whom you mirrored, you encouraged and inspired you to follow this career, going ahead and taking your dreams the other expression levels. Who is this person and how she introduced you in the world of art?

Who inspired me and gave me the base of the paper recycling technique was Diva Bus, no one else. She came into my life by her sister Yara Picardi, to make a show of it and did in 2003.

only 2010 It came the time for me to be chosen to follow the mission. Diva He gave class paper 8 thousand students. It was a very dignified and respectful meeting and thus follow the path leading to another level this study and other ways. Since 2012 I came up with 2 bags to Europe and I could already documenting the art of fibril in many places. On Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, by 3 times, biennial Etruria in Rome, guides, yearbooks, etc. In Chartrier Ferriere Art was certified BIO, the BIO community Correze Limousin, where the French produce truffles.

Researching and creating new works in new locations, with new techniques every new moment, a survivor, an experience and new series and research.

12 - Do you have any other activity beyond art? You teaches classes, lectures, etc?

I live exclusively on producing works and dialogue paths.

I'm very interested to teach you everything I find with the fibrils and pass on all that I experience from this experience.

In Brazil I made several lectures at conferences and universities for environmental issues and was striking.

Arriving in Europe my personal process had other priorities, to set me. I lived in 80 towns and 7 these countries 7 years. I did workshops in French forests, in Portuguese coastal, and the Spanish fields. Soon I plan to have the right conditions to start the process more educational participation and openings that opportunity, which I believe is fundamental for now and the future.

13 - Your Key national and international exhibitions, their awards? (Mention 5 most recent)

I believe in the importance of each exposure is collective or individual, is what continent is. I can say that this year was with works on display in Italy, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Turkey, Brazil and the United States. In 2011 prize Tarsila do Amaral contemporary art in Rafard. In Brazil participate in the directory of Luxus and Design Conscious Guide.

14 - Your plans for the future?

I plan what I'm doing now. In 2018 I made the Series "THE FACE OF WINE". A thorough search of the life of vineyards and their production methods. Uni the fibril with the bark and leaves of centuries-old vineyards and sacred mineral pigments expeditions, a bodega Phenicia of the century. XII A.C. The series brings together works with a nature behavior research, producers, of the time, seasons.

Already in 2019 produced the series NOEL ROSA, unique to a musical spectacle of Italian Ilene Mancini, who lived in Brazil and took our poet to the stage of Florence.

I was honored to produce an amazing collection that culminated in "BOY ROSE ".

My plan is that these works are recognized in the market, because every day are more valued.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/zaza.jardim




1 - Where you were born and what their academic training? I was born in São Paulo and lived in this beautiful city by 42 years. I have no training beyond the perception sharpened. Made courses at ESPM and soon was working. Shortly before 30, year of 1.999 30 I Sociology at EPHFs SP, but not complete all read a lot, but like most of the deals do. In France, when I lived there, I studied French at the Sorbonne in 2012. 2 – How and when does your first…

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