General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of services offered by ETHER 7 REPRESENTAÇÕES COMERCIAIS LTDA, a Brazilian company, duly enrolled with the CNPJ / MF under No. 05.530.772-0001-59, located at Rua Brasholanda, 313, Center, Pinewoods, PR, Brasil, henceforth nominated Site Works of Art through the site

Anyone, henceforth nominated User, wishing to use the services of the Site Works of art should accept the Terms and Conditions and all other policies and principles that govern.

Whereas the Site Works of Art announces and plays works of art in web environment, in the field with many followers on facebook, and acting on other sites.

Considering that the User is author of a work of art or even states the owner of the artwork, and you want to disclose to the general public, through the internet, your work or property, aiming at the satisfaction or even the sale.


The user should read, make sure to have understood and accept all the conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, well as other documents incorporated by reference thereto, before your registration as a User Site Works of Art.

This agreement shall enter into force on the date of its acceptance and extends the term of the dissemination plan chosen by User, extendable, automatically in the silence of the parties.

Any translation of this Agreement is provided for your convenience only, not intended to modify any terms. In case of conflict between the English and Portuguese versions of this Contract, Portuguese version shall prevail.

The failure or delay of the Site Works of Art in exercising any right, authority or privilege under the present contract shall not be deemed waiver of the right, authority or privilege in question.

In case of doubts, contact via email


Services Site Works of Art are available only to people who have legal capacity to contract them. Can not use them, and, people who do not enjoy this capability, including minors, or people who have been unqualified Site Works of Art, temporarily or permanently, getting, from já, the user warned of legal sanctions of the Civil Code, notedly, art. 166, I; 171, I e 180 da lei n° 10.406/02.

Corporations can register their legal representatives.


The future User must complete all the registration fields with accurate information, accurate and truthful, and undertakes to update the data whenever any changes occur.. The Obras de Arte website is not responsible for the correction of the data entered by its Users. Users guarantee and respond, in any event, civil and criminal, the veracity, accuracy and authenticity, of registered data.

The Site Works of Art reserves the right to use all means possible to identify valid and its Users, as well as requesting additional data and documents that it deems relevant in order to verify the data informed.

The Site Works of Art reserves the right to refuse any application for registration and cancel a registration previously accepted, since they disagree with the policies and rules of this term.


The Site Works of Art can change, anytime, these General Terms and Conditions, aiming at their improvement and improved services. The new Terms and Conditions will take effect 10 days after published on the site. Within 5 (five) days from the publication of the modifications, User must communicate by e-mail if you do not agree to the amended terms. In this case, the bond contract will cease to exist, as long as there are no outstanding bills or debts.

No manifestation within the stipulated, understood that the User will tacitly accepted the new Terms and Conditions and the contract binding the parties continue.

The changes do not remain in force in relation to negotiations and plans for dissemination already started at the time that the same changes are published. For these, Terms and Conditions of Use will stand with the previous wording.


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Portions of this site offer the user the opportunity to post and discuss opinions and information in certain areas.. Learn more about ourComment Policy.


The User can provide the picture of the work (via image file format. gif), which will be published in web environments Site, Social Networks and etc., belonging to AUTHORIZED, and will describe and account for written text that will be the image of the developer work.

The Works of Art Site must be informed if the User's death occurs and other events that make this contract unfeasible.

During the negotiation phase, the User must submit their proposal in writing to the Obras de Arte Website, guaranteeing the authenticity and suitability of the business.

Taxes: Site Works of Art is not responsible for the obligations of a tax levied on the trades between the User and third parties. Thus, User who acts as the merchant, under the law in force, responsibility will be the entirety of the obligations arising from its activities, notably due to the applicable taxes.

As a seller of goods or services, The User is responsible for consulting your accountant to determine which taxes and ancillary tax obligations apply, as well as pay them to relevant tax authorities.

Adjust the parties that this contract is in confidential,, which obliges the parties to keep its contents confidential, in order to protect the interests and businesses involved.

The contract, in title, binding upon the parties and their successors, going to have validity to any third parties.

The User may not transfer or assign this Agreement or any right or obligation under this Agreement without the prior written consent of Site Works of Art. The Site Works of Art reserves the right to transfer or assign this Agreement or any right or obligation arising at any time.

The User is responsible for maintaining the security and proper control of any ID, password, to access your User Control Panel Site Works of Art.


The Site Art Works disclose other works of art from different authors, since the main purpose of the website is precisely to create a permanent space for interested people to visit.

The Site Works of Art is not the owner of the goods or provider of services advertised by site users, and does not keep possession of these items.

The Works Art Site be liable for any damages caused to its users for defects or defects relating exclusively to the service provided on the site, since the Site Works of Art has given rise to such defects or vices. Clarify up, by timely, that the Site Works of Art is not responsible for defects or technical defects and / or operating system originating user or third parties.

The Site Works of Art is not responsible, therefore, pela Existence, QUANTITY, QUALITY, state, integrity and legitimacy of the products oferecidos, acquired or disposed of hairs users, as well as the ability to contract from Users or the veracity of the data entered by them in their records. The Site Works of Art does not grant warranty for hidden defects or apparent in the negotiations between Users. KNOW each user and accepts to be the only responsável hair products that advertise or peel offers that performs.

The Site Works of Art will not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of the obligations assumed by Users. The User acknowledges and agrees that the conduct negotiations with third parties do so at your own risk, recognizing the Site Works of Art as a mere service provider providing virtual space for announcement of products and services. In no event shall the Site Works of Art will be responsible for lost profits or any other damage and / or loss that the User may suffer due to negotiations conducted or not conducted through the Site Works of Art under the conduct of third parties.

The Site Works of Art recommends that every transaction is done with caution and common sense. The User must weigh the risks of trading, assuming may be, eventually, dealing with minors or persons making use of false identities, except the responsibilities arising therefrom under the rules and regulations already mentioned above.

In cases where one or more users or any third start any claim or legal action against one or more other users, each and every one of the users involved in the claims or actions disclaim all responsibility Site Works and its directors, managers, employees, agents, workers, representatives and.

The Site Works of Art agrees to send monthly report to the User accesses the site.


The Site Works of Art is not responsible for any damage, loss or damage suffered by the User due to failures on the internet, the system or the server used by the User, arising from conduct of others, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. The Site Works of Art will not be responsible for any viruses that may attack the User's equipment resulting from the access, use or browsing the internet or as a result of the data transfer, files, images, texts or audio.

The Site Works of Art commits to keep the site running uninterruptedly, but is tolerated by the User disruption of services for site maintenance, solving problems and possible improvements. Such interruptions will be notified in advance whenever possible to User.

Not be considered as non-performance of services disruption due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. If the interruption lasts more than 05 (five) Users days should discuss any termination of the contract because of supervening fact and external to the parties' intention.


The User shall pay the site Artworks fees according to the type of Disclosure Plan and schedule of payment you choose, the same day of the month held the first payment, the value of the plan chosen, paid by deposit at Banco BRADESCO, ag. 0929, c / c 363584-8, options or via Paypal, so that your product or service continues to be advertised on the website Failure to pay by the date set shall lead to fines of 2% (two percent) the monthly payment due, without prejudice to other penalties.


Under this Terms and Conditions of use, the User allows the Site Obras de Arte to reproduce the image of the works provided by the User to the site, in a web environment (Site, Social Networks and etc., belonging to AUTHORIZED) as many times as necessary, pursuant to Article 29 Law 9.610/98;

The Site Works of Art can change the location of the images within the site, aiming to demonstrate dynamism and update, It is possible for the User to send suggestions and improvements in the processing of images.

It is agreed that the Obras de Arte Site will not be responsible for the copyright of those who illegally captured the image.


The User may terminate the contract willingly, by contacting the site administration, via email

This agreement will also terminate, full-fledged, independent advice or notification, in the following cases:

By either party, should it choose to do so, in case of default of any obligation or Contractual Clause, without the defaulting party has remedied the breach or run;

By either party, in the event of bankruptcy of and / or deferral of the benefit of the bankruptcy or insolvency, under company law;


The Site Works of Art and User establish that the breach of the covenants and obligations under the present Covenant, result in the payment of the contractual penalty for infringing, equivalent to the import 01 (1) since the value of the plan chosen by the User, without prejudice to compensation for loss of profits and damages.

The User shall indemnify the Site Works of Art, directors, administrators, employees, representatives and employees for any claims promoted by other users or third parties arising from their activities on the site or your breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies Site Works of Art, or violation of any law or the rights of others, including attorneys' fees.


Any proceedings arising from this contract shall be finally resolved by arbitration, according to Law 9.307/96 and the Rules of Arbitration – Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration of Commercial Association of Paraná – ARBITAC, by one arbitrator appointed in accordance with this Regulation.

The courts of the District of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil to resolve any doubts or disputes arising from this General Terms and Conditions of use website, waiving of yet another privileged.

And, by being, and, agreed and contracted, parties sign this instrument, prevail for any and every effect that out now agreed, keeping with provisions of the Civil Code, especially those that advocate the duty of loyalty, good faith and social function in contractual relationships.