Brazilian Contemporary Artists – Cândido Oliveira, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 2 - Candido Oliveira, Tuscany, Italy, oil on canvas, 70 X 100 cm, 2020. Photo: Brazil Gallery.

Aqui jaz o sol Que criou a aurora E deu luz ao dia E apascentou a tarde. O mágico pastor De mãos luminosas Que fecundou as rosas E as despetalou. Aqui jaz o sol O andrógino meigo E violento que Possui a forma De todas as mulheres E morreu no mar. (MATHEW, 2009, p.154) Paint … Read more

Inhotim – Inhotim Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art and Botanical Garden, by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 4 - Robert Irwin, without title, 2019. Photo: Brendon Campos.

You wanted me to talk about poetry a little more…E desprezasse o cotidiano atrozQueriasera ouvir o som da minha vozE não um eco – apenas – deste mundo louco!(QUINTANA, 2007, p. 87) The enchantment that Art provides to the eye is inexhaustible., in its most varied forms of presentation. É como se esquivar do mundoRead more

The Uncertain Future of Painting: A Reflection on the Influence of Artificial Intelligence on 2024

The Uncertain Future of Painting: A Reflection on the Influence of Artificial Intelligence on 2024. Photo:

The rise of artificial intelligence (IA) has permeated different areas of society, transforming the way we interact with the world around us. Among the many spheres affected, art, specifically the painting, emerges as a frontier where the fusion between human creativity and AI algorithms raises profound questions about the future of this expression … Read more

Retrospective 2023 Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig, a true alchemist of words, weaves a fascinating tapestry in its articles that transports us to the enchanted realms of art. Your column on the Obras de Arte website is a shining beacon, guiding us through the intricate labyrinths of human creativity. With mastery, Rosângela unravels the mysteries of the works, revealing nuances, contexts and … Read more

Amazon in Focus: Bruno Cecim's work, by Juliana Vannucchi

Bruno Cecim's photo.

The photographer from Pará Bruno Cecim brings in his baggage more than twenty years of profession and experience. In this vast repertoire, accumulate prizes, holding of workshops, courses taught and photographic records of some of the most famous figures in the country, like Pelé, Gisele Bündchen, Lula and other big names. Currently, Cecim is a national reference in coverage … Read more

Aldemir Martins – Contemporary Expressionism by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 3 - Aldemir Martins, – Aldemir Martins, AST, 80 x 120, 2000.

Geometric masses In music scores Plastic and silence From the created space. seahorse and shell. The sea gave you a corolla The sky magnetized you But the light restored the balance Shell and sea horse. (MATHEW, 2009, seahorse and shell) seahorse and shell, covering her affectionately in a delicate attempt to envelop her in … Read more

MIS Experience – Exhibition on Candido Portinari by Rosângela Vig

Fig 1 - The work The First Mass in Brazil, panel with dimensions of 271cm X 501cm, made in tempera on canvas, is 1948.

I am the earth, I am the life. From my clay came first the man. From me came the woman and came the love. Came the tree and came to source. The fruit comes and the flower comes. I am the original source of all life. I'm the ground that sticks to yours … Read more

Museum of Illusions by Rosângela Vig

Fig. 1 – Color Tunnel. Photo: São Paulo Museum of Illusions.

Seeing so much go by I just don't watch the time. In the crooked corridor The street is less dense. How much more does pass In every way Time gets distracted Or goes out, slept. After I don't know how much Take me in your vacuum, Looks like the clock ran early. But that he was right Soon after I find out: … Read more

Retrospective 2021 Juliana Vannucchi

“Interview with Marie-Louise Plum”, by: Juliana Vannucchi “TALES FOR BROKEN HEARTS AND MELANCHOLIC SOULS: “, by Juliana Vannucchi Thank you!! . [one_half] . JULIANA VANNUCCHI Sorocaba – São Paulo Facebook Perfil | Facebook Fan Page Website Acervo Filosófico E-mail: [/one_half][one_half_last] Group on Facebook | Instagram LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter [/one_half_last]

Retrospective 2021 Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig in 2021: PROJECT DAYS OF RECLUSION, by Rosângela Vig Art goes where the People are!, by Rosângela Vig FRIDA KAHLO MUSEUM, by Rosângela Vig Exhibition by Franco Belli at Brazil Gallery – Art Gallery, by Rosângela Vig 8th. June Festival in Liechtenstein, by Rosângela Vig The Awakening of the Dream in Art, by … Read more