Amazon in Focus: Bruno Cecim's work, by Juliana Vannucchi

Bruno Cecim's photo.

The photographer from Pará Bruno Cecim brings in his baggage more than twenty years of profession and experience. In this vast repertoire, accumulate prizes, holding of workshops, courses taught and photographic records of some of the most famous figures in the country, like Pelé, Gisele Bündchen, Lula and other big names. Currently, Cecim is a national reference in coverage … Read more


"Tales for Broken Hearts and Melancholic Souls"" by writer Camilo Alves Nascimento with the art of Nádia Dalla Vecchia, featured. Photo: Disclosure.

[dropcap]And[/dropcap]meters 2018, the brilliant writer Camilo Alves Nascimento decided to gather his tales and disseminate them through fanzines, a not very conventional format for that purpose. Although it is not common for a writer to use these independent magazines to share his stories with the public, this idea was absolutely creative and yielded great results. Accordingly … Read more

“Interview with Marie-Louise Plum”, by: Juliana Vannucchi

Marie-Louise Plum, artwork - featured.

I talked to the talented English painter Marie-Louise Plum, who told me the story of his incredible artistic trajectory and made several reflections about the meaning of art and the effects it can have on people's lives. We also address other issues, as the possibility of living professionally as in painting and also… … Read more

“Thiago Rocha is a symbol of freedom and artistic boldness:”, by Juliana Vannucchi

Johnny Cash by Thiago Rocha. Photo: Disclosure.

Thiago Rocha is a resident artist from the city of Santo André, located in the state of São Paulo. Since I met your imagery productions, I was simply delighted, because Rocha has a very unique ability to unite in a single design, a number of different stylistic influences, not only referring to painting schools / techniques, but also from others … Read more

“Meet the Egg, a collective of independent artists:”, by Juliana Vannucchi

“Art is a flower born on the path of our life, and that is developed to soften it ”. – Arthur Schopenhauer OVO is a collective of creative minds that incorporate their most diverse points of view in unique works. The result of his creations is unexpected and extremely diverse. You could say that this is a … Read more

“Meet the comic Alejandro Gomez:”, by Juliana Vannucchi

"In fact, I'm more a militant agnostic. Perhaps art is my faith ". – A. Gomez. Of course, worldwide, there are many skilled designers. However, perhaps there is a greater number of players than creators. And it is precisely this aspect that makes the American comic artist Alejandro Gomez is so special: … Read more

"SORAYA balera" by Juliana Vannucchi

Soraya work Balera. Photo: Disclosure.

Today, with much satisfaction, I present to readers of our site, the artist Soraya Balera, resident of Sorocaba (SP), that in their productions, works with oil paintings, also acrylic and mixed techniques using. Balera has participated in exhibitions at the "Fair of Plastic Arts", in which their works exhibited in the square Carlos Alberto de Souza … Read more

“The Dionysian Aura of Jim Morrison:” by Juliana Vannucchi

The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea, 1805. William Blake. National Gallery of Art, Washington. Rosenwald Collection. Featured.

“Pain is a way to wake up (…) Do you feel your strength with the experience of pain (…) it is a feeling – your feelings are part of you (…) (excerpt from an interview with James Lizze – 1969). The The Doors is one of the most popular bands in the history of Rock & Roll. … Read more

“Geniuses painting:” by Juliana Vannucchi

Below, I listed my biggest influences painting, and I recorded a few brief comments by which justify my admiration for such artists. This type of text is always subject to change. I clarify that it was not written in chronological order. My passion for painting began in childhood times and today, is firmly intrinsic in … Read more

“The Relevance of the Lie as Artistic Component in Oscar Wilde:” by Juliana Vannucchi

This text seeks to explore and share with readers, some observations and interpretations of an essay written by Oscar Wilde in 1891, The titled decay lie. The text referred to it is a dialogue between Vivian and Cyril, two characters that are in a library, and start to reflect on the insertion of lies … Read more