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10 Tips to get rid of bad thoughts, by: Fabiano de Abreu

“His demons may have been created by yourself”

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: Vagner Souza / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Vagner Souza / MF Global Press.

In times of crisis and nerves on edge because of the elections, the philosopher Fabiano de Abreu gives tips on how to avoid the bad thoughts harm our health and our decisions.

“Have you ever thought that all this black cloud over your head, It can be a result of the storm steam from burning your brain with negative thoughts that can be solved?

Suffer for advance and negative ideas are memories created by ourselves for lack of answers without even be a question.

Before we consider the negative side, we have to evaluate rationally thinking and its consequences and find ways to solve them with positive thoughts, that encourage good ideas so it can be solved.

Do not suffer in advance with problems that not happened, nor polluted with negative thoughts because, the same air we breathe, but the paths are different.”

Here are some tips philosopher to avoid evil thoughts:

1. It would be a concern or a problem?

If a problem, they serve to be solved. Solve it soon. If it is only concern, remember that concern is no problem, soon, we can not feed it.

2. Forget the past

Situations and people change, soon, the problems are not the same. If the past troubles you, realize that life goes on and that the past serves as a lesson not to repeat the mistakes.

3. Self love

We own our own lives. Having self-esteem raises self-confidence and this generates positive thoughts. We must recognize and understand our faults and qualities to look always evolve.

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4. Learn to say no

Whether position is important to get along in society without going through certain constraints. Do not do anything that'll regret later or do not feel the weight on the conscience of a broken promise. Learn to say no!

5. Do not push with the belly

Face situations and resolve not to create possibilities for thoughts.

6. downtime

Search interesting actions to occupy their time so that it is not thinking about bad things.

7. Nothing to feed negative thoughts and expectations

These thoughts undermine confidence makes you create things that do not exist.

8. Your problem may be smaller than you think

Believe in your potential, in your ability and your problem can be solved more easily. Remember that there is only solution to his death.

9. Alive or present

Not the best clairvoyant sees his own future. Enjoy the time you have and plan your goals, create dreams and fuel the engine of your life. Every thought of what the future will be wrong because you did not even get it.

10. Meditation

Medite, not necessarily have to be a spiritual meditation, but a meditation devoting time to nature and positive thoughts. It's a never capsules only stocked medicine for an unconscious energy.

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