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5 common decorating mistakes

As a good phrase says "Our home is an extension of who we are", therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the decoration of environments and highlight through every detail an impeccable home that represents you in its characteristics.

However, as much as in theory keeping a spotless house with a industrial lighting room and with several elements seems something simple, the decoration of environments in practice brings together some challenges and points of attention to be considered.

Thus, it is not enough just to follow the trends and think that this will be enough for your home decor to be perfect, because the new one will not always be a guarantee of success and a positive choice.

With this, when seeking to establish a decoration in your home that emphasizes the characteristics of each environment, it is essential to be aware of some common mistakes that are made, because in this way the choices tend to be made with much more precision.

After all, our home is where we spend most of our time, developing projects, having favorable moments and even having our most sacred moment of rest.

Therefore, some mistakes should be avoided, so that your home decor can always be carried out in an impeccable way, being able to highlight each characteristic and element used.

Thinking about it, today we will talk precisely about the decoration of environments, highlighting the importance of decorating environments in a harmonious way, some mistakes that are common at this time and some tips on how to decorate the environment correctly. Come on!

Importance of decorating environments harmoniously

When we talk about and highlight harmonic decoration, its importance is associated precisely with the fact that it never goes out of style., because it goes far beyond trends and new developments.

Meeting innovation and the new is in fact something that practically everyone seeks, especially when we talk about the generation we live in, where trends emerge on a constant basis.

However, something common when dealing with trends is that they end up passing and in a matter of seconds, a decoration that was impeccable and perfect ends up becoming outdated and without much importance.

Thus, so that the aesthetics of your home are attractive and your decor is one of the key points in enhancing your home, choosing a harmonic decoration is essential and tends to make all the difference.

After all, in front of our running routine in a structured cabling company and even the daily stresses, keeping your home impeccable tends to guarantee a unique quality of life and benefits.

Therefore, don't get carried away by the trends and issues that involve the decoration market, choosing to keep your home decor harmonic and totally positive.

Common mistakes when decorating environments

As much as the decoration of environments is something frequent and a growing concern when dealing with the public and the choices that are made, it has become common some mistakes that are committed in the face of this moment.

Soon, as well as for a scale repair some elements must be considered to avoid errors, when it comes to the decoration of our home we must also maintain as much care and attention as possible.

Thus, to help you in this moment, check out some common mistakes that are made in decorating environments and prevent these situations from occurring in your home.

1 – Use many different finishes in one environment

Finishing is really important., either in the decoration of environments or even in products such as electric motors, because they are responsible for giving that decisive final touch to highlight the decoration or the product in question.

However, as many know more is often less, thus, when abusing the finish in front of the decoration, he might end up getting over, highlighting issues that turn out to be bad when considering the whole.

Thus, so that you get the finish right when it comes to decorating projects, it is essential to avoid different types of finishing, either in coatings, upholstered or even in the wood used.

The ideal for you to get it right in relation to this point is to maintain visual uniformity in the environments, always seeking to maintain a connection between every detail, in addition to a visual unit and the idea of ​​decoration between spaces.

2 – heavy furniture

A common mistake and that most people end up going through it, is to use heavy furniture in an environment that appears somewhat small, making viewing not pleasant.

The ideal and most recommended when we look at the market and experts is to use furniture that is more minimalist., opting for clean lines that allow the environment to breathe and look even bigger.

It's no use complaining that your apartment and house are small and not looking for ways to change this issue, therefore, using furniture that follows this minimalist line tends to add a lot when it comes to valuing the environment.

Furthermore, when establishing these changes and making the decoration of the environment impeccable, if it has positive consequences even for the sale of the property when carrying out a real estate appraisal df in a near future.

3 – Too much or too little color

Many people when starting their decoration end up having a certain fear of making mistakes., because after the actions are actually performed to go back, the path becomes much longer and more laborious.

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Thus, if you are afraid of making a mistake, the ideal is to use three shades of colors in the same environment, taking into account some essential issues such as: the walls, coatings, furniture and objects.

Something interesting to do is play with textures and different finishes, seeking precisely to make the space interesting and totally pleasant in front of your day to day.

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Think of the perfect scenario when you get home from a long day at your job with modern welding machines, is to come across an environment that renews your energy and makes you feel totally good.

4 – combine all

Something recurrent when it comes to decorating environments are people who seek to combine everything and always keep that in mind to the point of not thinking outside the box and being creative..

Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that the house is something fully alive, elements need to be added little by little, generating a highlight highlighting to the maximum each item used.

It's interesting that your house doesn't look like a showroom powder fire extinguisher charge, but have elements that really carry your authenticity and be something unique and totally your own.

Thus, a good way to bring life to your home decor is to opt for affective furniture, who have a story and have a certain identification with their life.

5 – don't dare

What draws our attention when thinking about an ad with residential electrical installation cost and even in the decoration of environments it is something creative and that proves to be new and authentic.

Soon, it is essential that you do not fall into the error of only following trends or news, without daring in front of the pieces and decoration that are being implanted.

It is essential that your home has marks that demonstrate that it is indeed yours., so dare to the fullest, bringing your style, your personal tastes in music, architecture and even art.

Through this, you run away from having a monotonous and lifeless environment and in fact you go to find a unique house and you can see yourself in front of this place through the characteristics and elements used.

Tips for getting the decor right

After seeing some common mistakes that are usually made and actually having this point of attention in relation to the decoration of environments, the so famous day of glory has arrived, because we highlight some points so that you get your decor right and don't make any more mistakes.

  • Take care of the technical details like the space of the house;
  • Leave free spaces for circulation;
  • Enjoy the natural light;
  • Use colors to your advantage;
  • Think green;
  • Customize the environments;
  • Establish creativity and authenticity.

Soon, When carrying out these actions and being attentive to everything that is being done in terms of the decoration of the environment, the results tend to be incredible., highlighting every corner and establishing maximum beauty and comfort.

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