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Noah's Ark/The Bicharada

the mix of races, the future of a new time

A BELIZARIO Gallery Displays – Noah's Ark/The Bicharada – first exhibition which inaugurates the project – BELIZARIO basement. The curatorship of the actions of the new space is signed by the journalist, photographer, independent consultant and curator Renato De Cara. The proposed concept for the Basement seeks to provide a greater range of artists and works to the public that goes to the gallery, encouraging contact with new forms of creation and art, one of the basic purposes of BELIZAR since your early days. The coexistence and acceptance of new forms of art and creativity need stimuli, challenges and constancy.

in your first show, Renato De Cara brings a press conference with 16 artists – Ariel Spadari, Arivânio Alves, Charles Cunha, Ciro Cozzolino, Daniel Malva, Delfina Reis, Francisco Maringelli, Gilles Eduar, Lucas Lenci, Joseph Raymond, Rosa Hollmann, Suellen Estanislau, Ulysses Boscolo, Vitor Mizael, Vinicius Flores, Wagner Olino – that use the most varied supports such as painting, sculpture, photography, engraving, at the 40 works that will be exhibited.

In the selected concept, the creative freedom of art allows unlikely questions. “Let us consider God repentant in the myth of the Ark,  the beast-man and the beasts. That accumulation of animals with the mission of perpetuating the races. In the still-awaited end-of-the-world, where predicates, genders and hegemonies are questioned, who should we spare?”, asks the curator.

Even if the present moment induces us to have not very positive answers to the proposed question, because as you say Renato De Cara, “We think at all times how much humanity has not worked out. But let's see how much all this is relative. the civilization, we can't deny, much has been developed technically and scientifically so far”. Art and science are latent proof that we live better and can be better people.. The chosen works offer us a profusion of colors and shapes that uplift the spirit, remembering the positive side of nature., source of all beauty in model shapes.

Citing a little of the present works, in the thread sewn by the curator to unite creatives so distinct and relevant in their technique, uniting more popular and contemporary languages, in addition to pieces provided by collectors, daring works, sometimes considered more 'naive' than Arivânio Alves (EC), Joh raimundo (MG), Suellen Estanislaw (PR) and Vinicius Flores (SC) hold dialogues with Wagner Olino, Vitor Mizael, Ariel Spadari, Charles Cunha and Daniel Malva with very contemporary languages ​​between drawings, taxidermy, app usage, photography and sculpture, While Delfina Reis, Gilles Eduar and Rosa Hollmann work in an almost childlike universe. With a more classic line, the photographs of Lucas Lenci and the paintings of Ulysses Boscolo make up a visual unity with the bronze sculptures of Francisco Maringelli and the paintings, representatives of the Generation 80, from Ciro Cozzolino.

Noah's Ark/The Bicharada, through creativity, technique and sensibility of the guest artists, presents a collection of contemporary and timeless animals. as defined Renato De Cara, “each narrative seeks to establish memories and suggestions to keep us in touch with the traditional fauna. Poetic licenses for the casting of a full chest, where couples, singles, and other relationships can live in harmony”.


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Exhibition: “Noah's Ark / The Bicharada

Artists: Ariel Spadari, Arivânio Alves, Charles Cunha, Ciro Cozzolino, Daniel Malva, Delfina Reis, Francisco Maringelli, Gilles Eduar, Lucas Lenci, Joseph Raymond, Rosa Hollmann, Suellen Estanislau, Ulysses Boscolo, Vitor Mizael, Vinicius Flores, Wagner Olino

Curated By: Renato De Cara

Opening: 20 August 2022, Saturday, from 14h to 18h

Period: from 22 august to 08 October 2022

Local: BELIZÁRIO's basement

R Dr. Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto, 491 -Pine trees

Phone: (11) 3816.2404

Timetables: from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm; Saturday from 11 at 15:00

Number of works: 40 (approximately)

Technique: paintings, photographs, sculptures, engravings

Dimensions: varied

Price: on request

WebSite: belizariogaleria.com.br

Instagram: @belizariogaleria

Facebook: @BelizarioGaleria

E-mail: contato@belizariogaleria.com.br

  • The curator – Renato de Cara (Lins, SP 1963)

Lives and works in São Paulo. Bachelor of Journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University – PUC/SP (1985). interested in culture, specializes in contemporary art and fashion, producing, writing, editing and photographing for brands and communication vehicles.

no period between 2006 and 2017, directs the Mezzanine Gallery, responsible for the production and curatorship of numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, making the space consolidated both as a barn for new names and also as a rescue for mid-career artists., crossing languages ​​and proposing new approaches in the contemporary art market.

In 2018, assumes the Directorship of the Department of Municipal Museums of São Paulo, coordinating fifteen museum and historical spaces, built between the 17th and 20th centuries. Acts as an independent curator and art consultant, accompanying artists in partnerships with different institutions.

  • The gallery

A BELIZÁRIO Gallery, headquartered in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo, is the result of a partnership between Orlando Lemos, José Roberto Furtado and Luiz Gustavo Leite. Its proposal aims to present itself as an additional option for participation and visibility of the production of emerging and consolidated artists in the panorama of Brazilian contemporary art in the São Paulo cultural circuit. The gallery joins the movement that seeks to promote horizons that establish new ways to redirect and expand the art market, thinking about the different trajectories and artistic productions that make it up. Thus, aiming at the promotion of the intrinsic cultural diversity in contemporaneity, serves as a stage for new and established artists, national and foreign, in partnerships with curators who are also imbued with the same purpose.

In BELIZÁRIO Gallery, we seek to serve a public that seeks the acquisition of artistic works and, also, the creation and promotion of new collections. Its collection consists of different themes and aesthetics, through the poetic universe of each artist. Its repertoire encompasses artwork from different languages, supports, techniques and media such as drawing, sculpture, photography, engraving, painting, objects, installation and others.

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