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“The Network, The Mole, The Good” by Jessica Tan

Jessica Theodoro é Designer de Interiores.

Jessica Tan is Interior Designer.

As this year the Soft Armchair, by Sérgio Rodrigues complete 60 years and even after all this time is still current and present super in various environments signed by architects and designers, I'll show you so much as other Brazilian Securities, which bring all aesthetics and style of living our Brazilian, as the network (the INI in tupi guarani) Good couch of the Campana brothers.

The network was rooted in our culture even before the Portuguese arrive in Brazil and was incorporated quickly into colonial life as Brazilian furniture, because the colonists, farmers, explorers and Jesuits used as bed and as a means of transportation.

In the North and Northeast region, still using the hammock. But in major urban centres, as in summer residences are used to rest or take a NAP.

We can consider the network as the genesis of Brazilian design, among its key features, is the absence of rigid structures, without protrusions that determine your use, is an interweaving of natural fibers that allow perspiration, with indefinite form, without technical or geometric representation possibilities. The amorphous configuration, of this object, allows it to wrap comfortably, as a mole hug, soft, delicate.

Rede/Praia do Espelho. Foto: Evelyn Muller.

Network/Espelho. Photo: Evelyn Muller.

The Soft Armchair establishes a break with the paradigms of design universal, your structure in rosewood with bowed legs and arched sleepers enable several positions of the plot of leather straps that hold soft pillows and soft, which cover practically the entire structure. This setting deconstructs the way of sitting straight, imposed by the whole universal furniture.

Sergio Rodrigues has developed the Soft Armchair, from the request of a friend who wanted a Loveseat, I could stay in any environment and it wasn't like nor as a bed or a mattress, but it was very comfortable, where you could sit with a certain laziness.

The Mole won first place, among the 438 applicants from 27 countries and the justification of the jury was that the Chair was not influenced by fads and absolutely representative of the region of origin, our Brazil.

After the contest in Italy, Sérgio Rodrigues had great visibility and the Soft Armchair became a symbol of the universal design and a landmark for Brazilian design, because from your design opened up the possibility of enjoyment for the Brazilian designers dare and break free of the tenets of European design and go looking for an aesthetic that feeds our way of living.

Poltrona Mole/Projeto: Yamagata Arquitetura e Imagem 3D: Studio Vir.

Mole Armchair/Design: Yamagata architecture and 3D Image: Studio Come.

Following this proposal, We have Good sofa of the Campana brothers that was inspired by the Python found in the Amazon basin Brazilian, and after Humberto and Fernando Campana to study the Velvet. With this, There is a sofa made of polyurethane foam tubes, goose feathers and velvet. Thus, the sofa appears to an endless way, with a great variety of positions, without the need for a conventional internal structure and this innovative aesthetic configuration results in an object that reminds us of something similar to a "couch", but by your use of the your shape.

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Through your interlaced configuration, the Sofa Good break behavioral rules imposed by society and so allows the lazy and the refastelamento of the body.

These three Brazilian fashion furnishings that were inspired and produced, bring us the perspective and brazilian aesthetics with our authentic and regional characteristics, which could only be the result of Brazilian designers, not occurring this constructive process anywhere in the world.

Sofá Boa/Desenho: Jessica Theodoro.

Good Sofa/Drawing: Jessica Tan.


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