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Arley Bastos launches first book by Grupo Editorial Coerência

“A Jornada Consciência” marks the debut of the artist from Brasilia in literature

Graduated in pedagogy and keyboardist musician, Arley Bastos agora também é autor e estreou na literatura com “The Journey of Consciousness”, released this year by Plus+ Editora, seal of Editorial Group Coherence. The work is the first title in the series “O Mundo de Alef” and brings reflections on the complexities of people and how God can love us even with failures.

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In the story we follow Alef, um jovem que apesar de viver uma vida comum, always felt strange to the point of understanding that people, scenarios and experiences around him didn't fill his inner hole. But everything starts to change when you meet Poliana, a god fearing girl. Living and knowing the girl's reality, he starts a journey that leads him to discover and understand the true meaning of existence.

“The Journey of Consciousness” is for sale at Grupo Editorial Coerência store and at Shope.

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