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Felipe Laraia, @seubarromeu. Photo: Disclosure.
Felipe Laraia, @seubarromeu. Photo: Disclosure.

Ceramist artists present new collections in a show at Quanto Café dia 11/06, valentine's day eve

The dry season has arrived and with it the typical June chill. to enjoy this season, Brasilia potters hold a fair on a beautiful, tree-lined lawn and offer hot food to customers. Here comes a new edition of:

Itinerant Authorial Ceramics Fair

In this, of number 5 and which takes place on the eve of Valentine's Day, Ceramists present exclusive collections of pieces – artistic and utilitarian – that promise to warm the hearts in love

In a June climate, 14 Ceramists exhibit their work at an outdoor event, day 11 of June, Saturday, in front of how much coffee (CLN 103). A shows, which will bring together the most recent productions by and from the artists, starts at 9 am and runs until 6 pm.

Handcrafted in small workshops, located in different regions of the DF, the works or collections, of the artists of the Fair, sketch singularity. They are produced one by one and in the intimacy of each artist's private spaces.. They [The pieces] express, yet, delicacy, dedication and are an expression of affection, because on their surfaces is the soft and precise touch of those who produce them.

more than exposing, the and the artists, who participate in Itinerant Authorial Ceramics Fair, wants to share with visitors its production techniques, artistic inspirations and raising awareness of the contemporary in line with sustainable consumption.

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To make the public at the Fair more comfortable and create a festive atmosphere, the organization will offer Cachaça Quentao, as a courtesy, for customers who purchase parts of any value. The recipe and preparation of the drink will have the refinement of the how much coffee.

To close, in the profile of the Fair Instagram, in @feiradeceramicaautoral, the organization is promoting the raffle of a basket with two ceramic pieces by the Felipe Laraia, artist of the brand Seu Barromeu, another 200g package from the exclusive line of specialty coffees from how much coffee.

Ceramist artists participating in the 5th Edition of the Itinerant Author Ceramics Fair: Participate in this second edition of the – Participate in this second edition of the; Barbara Angelina – @ studio.barbaraangelina; Cris Martin – @crismartim.ceramista; Dani Caribbean – @danicaribe1; Debora Amorim – @ amor_im.ceramica; Deborah and Gabi – @parada.de.mao; Felipe Laraia – @seubarromeu; Fernanda Vasconcelos – @fernandavasconcelos64; brunette moon – @brilhodaluna.ceramicas; Malu Ribeiro – @atelie_maluribeiro; Marina Master – @ceramicamica; Rita Preto – @rita_preto; Rodrigo Machado – @sbarroceramic; and Rui and Otavio – @ atelie.ara.


5ª Itinerant Author Ceramics Fair

Local: how much coffee

Address: CLN 103 with. A Lj. 52, Asa Norte – Brasilia

Time: from 9:00 to 6:00 pm

Entrance: free entry

Parental guidance: Free for all audiences

Information: www.instagram.com/feiradeceramicaautoral

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