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“Through Glass” It offers glassmaking art workshops in São Paulo

Between November and January, the artist Debora Muskat performs the project with courses for beginners and advanced

São Paulo, October 2019 – On Monday, day 28, It takes place the opening of the project "Through the Glass", in São Paulo, created by the artist Debora Muskat. Precursor art with the substance, it offers between October and January workshops in São Paulo neighborhoods Parelheiros and Caxingui. With training courses in the glass art techniques, the events are aimed at sustainability and disseminate the idea of ​​capacity 100% recyclable matter. Using only glass household waste and industrial, the workshops have initially designed to promote and increase the reuse of parts.

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The museum was created in 2017, the project "Through Glass" runs through the Incentive Law PROAC – ICMS e tem como patrocinador a OWENS-ILLINOIS DO BRASIL. Fundamentados em três pilares – art, education and sustainability - "Through the Glass" fulfills the mission of democratizing this knowledge, promotes values ​​and increases the supply chain.

In this year's "Through Glass" on two fronts: Launch workshop in Vitreous Art, with Professor Arpad Spalding and coordination Debora Muskat, turned to the public with no experience in the middle and divided into two groups. Deborah also teaches the course on Vitreous Art, requiring prior knowledge. The service is open to the public and free.

About Debora Muskat

artist and art educator, Deborah Muscat. Throughout his career chose glass as the main field of work, accumulating over 34 years of experience and research in glass art. Beside the passion for glass, recycling is another issue that moves their work: all his works are performed with glass discarded in the trash in a process where art and sustainability are inextricably linked.

By 5 years, coordinated the project "Glass Workshop" developed in partnership with the State Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo, where various events and trials were promoted. Debora and students participated in the construction of a scenario for the program “metropolis” (TV Cultura), They led an exposure to a building residents MSTC (homeless center movement) and performed with theater performances groups, mixing dance, display glass and crystal ornaments with demonstration of techniques. After these years of experience, the project was redesigned and taken over by the support PROAC 2017.

About Árpád Spalding

Arpad Spalding began experimenting with glass 2005, when he was a student, After helper and partner Roberto Bonino. He worked with the making of sculptures, stained glass panels and. He has done research and work with reuse and recycling. This year helped to build a studio in Parelheiros to spread the practice of fusing and help in generating income and local development.

Project Charter "Through Glass"
Local: Espaço Através do Vidro – Rua Doutor Batista Pereira, 125 - Caxingui, São Paulo (SP)
Date: 28 October
Time: 17h
Open to the public
Through Glass - Initiation workshop in Vitreous Art with Professor Arpad Spalding
Local: Espaço CCINTER – Estrada da Ponte Alta, 4 - Parelheiros, SP
Date: on Thursdays, between November and January
Timetables: 08 às 12h ou 14h às 16h
Vacancies: 20 vacancies per class
Value: Free
Não é preciso qualquer experiência ou conhecimento com a arte vítrea.
Inscrições até o dia 27 de outubro pelo e-mail atravesdovidroproac@gmail.com
Through Glass - Specialization in Vitreous Art with Deborah Muskat
Local: Espaço Através do Vidro – Rua Doutor Batista Pereira, 125 - Caxingui, São Paulo (SP)
Date: Between November and January
Timetables: individual or group scheduling
Value: Free
To attend the course is required some experience in glass art. For registration you must submit a brief description of your experience with portfolio of their work for: atravesdovidroproac@gmail.com
No age limit


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