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Backstage – Cultural training

Free Series of Lessons, workshops and lectures focused on the creative chain of artistic production

The gradual return of cultural and entertainment activities, with the cooling of the Covid-19 pandemic, it opened space for producers and producers to put into practice an idea that had been gestating for some time.

The concept of the initiative started from the lack, identified by the creators, of a local environment of training and improvement, totally free and cost-effective for low-income people, for those who seek to act, with excellence, in the areas and stages of production and realization of an event or cultural project.

With content already quite robust, the debut edition of Backstage – Cultural training receives the presence of experienced producers/s, technicians, managers and artists, willing to share knowledge accumulated over years of work in national and international projects of great relevance. Included [in this content] new technical and production skills that emerged during the quarantine imposed by the pandemic.

Face-to-face meetings, happening in Conic's Central Square between days 3 and 15 August 2021, will follow all safety protocols recommended by WHO as social distancing, people flow control, mandatory use of protective mask, temperature measurement and availability of alcohol in gel.

Backstage – Cultural training [1th Edition] offers seven different short courses, with durations ranging from 4h to 16h. Places are limited and those interested can participate in all courses or those of interest. Entries are made through the website: www.bastidoresbsb.com.br.

Responsible for the content to be shared are: Henrique Rocha, who works in the management of cultural projects, since 2009, and has directed the Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema and the International Curta Brasilia Festival, will present the course “Film Festivals – from Modeling to Production". On "Sustainability in Event Production", who minister is Patricia Mazoni, specialist in Education and Environmental Management by UnB and that there is 22 years works with sustainability in cultural projects.

About the performance of the "Roadie and Audio Technician" who details the functions of this professional is Chicken, live sound technician since 92 and as a stage director he has already assembled systems for festivals such as Skoll Rock, Reggae Ruffles, of course it's rock, Free Jazz, Vivo Open Air, Rock and others basement. Moizes Vasconcellos, nationally awarded, the light designer – who participated in the raley of the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Torch 2016 e Rock in Rio 2017 – will talk about "Stage Lighting".

VJ Thank you, graduated in cinema and digital arts, member of the United VJs group and winner of the VJ Torna Festival, the biggest in the world in the area, next to also VJ Read Pantoja, graduated in film, theater, fine art and one of the pioneers in the scene [of VJs] in Brazil, will teach scripting, production, techniques and image creation of "Video Mapping for Shows".

"Scenographic Project for Events" is the content to be shared by MH Scenography, of the partners Marina Madsen and Henrique Ferreira. The duo has clients such as Festival CoMA, Universe Parallello and My House Party.

Pandemic Accelerated Trend, “Online Streaming for Musical Events” is the theme of the short course with Bruno Piuí. Bruno, audiovisual technician, Videomaker, photographer, streamer and network technologist, was ahead of the teams of lives of the Mocambos, Jazzyhop, Minduin Toinha Project, Crioline Brewery, Forró Red Light, Cerrado Race Waterfall of Crystals, T-Bone Cultural Seconds among others.

All classes will be recorded on video that, after editing, will be available for consultation of subscribers. And more, in order to offer quality material, the project made use of the consultancy of a pedagogue to guide teachers as well as to build and edit a booklet to be made available to students.

This is the first edition of Backstage – Cultural training, “still a pilot of what will become, a pill with which we present the project and, Through which, we will be able to verify the operation and refine the operation to then expand it in programming and scope", comment the producers, giving the hint that comes other editions and with much more content.

Backstage – Cultural training
Date: from 3 to 15 August 2021
Inscriptions: 100% free and stipend for low-income people
More info: www.bastidoresbsb.com.br
Realization and production: Block B, Latitude 15 and Hyperspace
promotion: Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the Federal District Government

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