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Black Brazil Art opens registration for Shared Virtual Artistic Residency

With the theme Flows(In)Flow: transience, event accepts work until 15 August 2022

A Black Brazil Art announces call for the second edition of Shared Virtual Artist Residency (RAVC). In a partnership with Njabala Foundation, foundation dedicated to the dissemination and experimentation of artistic works by women with the theme flows(In)Flow: transience. The residency has mentors from Brazil, France, Uganda, United Kingdom, Portugal and United States. Inscription: Enrollment takes place until 15 August 2022 by site blackbrazilart.com.br/ravc2.

The second edition is organized in a context of a world shaken by the Covid-19 crisis that still persists and by the migratory processes forced in the world by wars and conflicts. “Covid-19 reminded us, inversely, how much the ecosystem of the arts, and in particular exchanges via residences, are linked to a crucial common good, freedom of movement – the flows we make”, points the curator Patricia Brito.

A residence opens creative spaces for awareness of the “exodus” contemporary and will develop theoretical-practical reflections from an artistic point of view to think collectively about socially engaged and relational artistic practices at the same time. Registration costs between Rs. 65,00 (individual) e R$ 150,00 (groups of up to five people) and are open to artists, curators, researchers, educators, activists, among others. Spaces are limited and the residency lasts for three months..

The activity will explore and address the notion of “transience or sense of place and belonging” through visual representation in history, in the memory and art of residents. One of the great attractions of the residency will be the inaugural class that counts with the participation of Dr.. Antonio Cuyler, founder of Curley Consulting LLG. and Director of the Master's Program and Associate Professor of Arts Administration at Florida State University (FSU).

What is it:

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(RAVC) is a three-month theoretical-practical artistic experimentation program designed to focus on the process of creating new work and the collective and cooperative development of artists.

What it does:

Explore an alternative model of residence in the digital space, promoting a creative space for artists to experiment, exchange ideas and skills, collaborate on projects, share resources to dialogue with other artists, provide feedback and hold each other accountable for meeting deadlines and opportunities.

how will it be:

Rethinking artistic practices beyond geographical boundaries with the digital organization implemented in the daily practice of artists. Fully online will have fixed and guest mentors.

How much time:

It will be three months divided into 13 weeks – which will give you six to eight hours a week.


There will be three meetings per week and one Saturday each month., 30 hours per month and 90 total hours of residency course.

Requirements to Participate:

There is not. Different from other artistic residency processes, this call, seeks to democratize access and production by including new protagonists in collective creations.

call to:

Artists, curators, researchers, collectives, educators, activists, among others.

It has cost:

The residency course will be offered completely free of charge., but there is an entry fee.

Registration Fee:

Individual R$ 65,00

Collective (up to five people) R$ 150,00

How will the Selection:

Will be 100 vacancies. The selection will be made by analysis of the form, Paid application fee and video interview.

It's the result:

Projects will be selected to enter the 3rd edition of the Bienal Black; will have hybrid participation on display at the international network of women's museums (International Association of Women’s Museums) and may receive a lease in physical space for the creation of the project developed in the residence.


21st Shared Virtual Artist Residency (RAVC-2) | flows(in)Flow: transience

Inscription: By 15 August 2022

Programming: blackbrazilart.com.br/ravc2

Black Brazil Art

Official website: blackbrazilart.com.br | Facebook: /BlackBrazilArt

Instagram: @bienalblackbrazilart | Twitter: @blackbrasilart | YouTube: /BlackBrazilArt

Sobre a Black Brazil Art

A Black Brazil Art (BBA) has the mission of promoting cultural diversity in the arts and culture, promoting recognition and inclusion of all artists and artistic practices, giving special attention to women, whose history has refrained for ages. The BBA seeks to maintain a vigilant and critical presence in relation to the policies and actions of artistic and cultural bodies., with the objective of better recognizing the artists and providing a space for reflection and exchange. BBA works to make the cultural community aware of the systemic obstacles that prevent the equitable development of artists and so-called diversity organizations..

About Curatorship

Patricia Brito

Independent curator, museóloga, mom, comunicóloga, entrepreneur and researcher of gender and race in the arts. She is a consultant at the Itaú Cultural Encyclopedia, member of the New York Art Museum Trustees Association and the International Association of Women's Museums.

Sobre Njabala Foundation

Njabala is a multifaceted campaign that draws on a popular Ugandan Njabala myth to facilitate conversations about femininity.. Our responsibility is to curate periodic exhibitions, as well as organizing a public program of activities aimed at creating safe spaces for female artists to thrive and flourish.


Curated By: Patricia Brito (RS)

Support: Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC), International Association of Women’s Museums (IAWM)

Partnership: Njabala Foundation

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