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Glory Chapel promotes cultural week

The Chapel of Glory, which was restored by the city and reopened in August last year, have one week marked by concert, lectures and cultural activities. The program starts on Friday (9/8), at 19h, with the presentation of the female choir Collegium Cantorum, and extends until next Thursday (15/8), with the delivery of the monument of Our Lady of Glory, restored by the City Face program, and a Mass with Latin liturgy, accompanied by the Curitiba Gregorian Coral. All programming is free entry.

In addition to the presentations, the festival will have unusual attractions, like a procession of historical characters who leave the Public Garden and come to the Chapel, to welcome the public Saturday concert (10/8), at 12:00, with Ensemble baroque music Curitiba. The characters are dressed in costumes of the era and represent curitibanas personalities related to the history of the building, as the pioneers of family Lion, who built the chapel. Some of these characters are Ermelino Augustine Lion, Maria Dolores Leon, Baroness Serro Azul and 1 D Bishop. José.

After this concert, at 3:0 pm, there will be time "Belle Epoque", with playing a soiree of Century purposes 19, where people will meet in the Chapel of the garden for tea, accompanied by poetic and musical performances.

During the week they will also be promoted two lectures. Monday (12/8), at 3:0 pm, the teacher, architect and urban planner Key Imaguire will speak on "The Yerba Mate Cycle in Curitiba Architecture". This lecture will be in the Palace of the Lions, historical and cultural space located at Avenida João Gualberto, in front of the Chapel of Glory. The other exhibition will be with the architect and urbanist Giceli Portela, who will speak on the building restoration process, on Wednesday (14/8), at 3:0 pm, in the Chapel of Glory.

The other attractions are the medieval music concerts, Baroque and Renaissance with curitibanos groups and also a special presentation of Banda Lyra Curitiba. The monument dedicated to Our Lady of Glory is installed in the square of the same name, no Civic Center.

Check out the full schedule:

9/8 (Friday)

19h - Opening event with the concert "Contrasts" the Colleguim Cantorum group

10/8 (Saturday)

12h - Music concert "Galante Style" with the Ensemble baroque music Curitiba
15h - Sarau in the garden Tea, music and poetry
19h - Concert "Stabat Mater" with the choir singing group Madrigal on Stage

11/8 (Sunday)

12h - Concert "Canticum Novum" features the male choir Ottava Bassa
17h - Traditional Mass with Gregorian Choir Curitiba
19h - Religious Office chanted "Holy Mary Mother of God" with Coral Gregorian Curitiba

12/8 (Monday)

12h – Ânima – musical presentation of the Paraná State College Choir
15h - "The yerba mate boom in Curitiba architecture" - lecture with Key Imaguire Junior Architect
19h - Religious Office chanted "Holy Virgin Mary" to the Gregorian Choir Curitiba

13/8 (Tuesday)

12h - "Medieval Songs" - musical performance with Alla Rustic group
15h - "Glory Chapel of History" - lecture with Khae Lhucas Ferreira Pereira - researcher of the Curitiba Cultural Foundation
19h - Religious Office sung "Immaculate Conception" to the Gregorian Choir Curitiba

14/8 (Wednesday)

12h - "Paths of the Renaissance" - musical performance with the group Illvminata
15h - "Glory Chapel Restoration" - lecture by the architect and urban planner Giceli Portela
19h - Office religious singing "Assumption" with the Gregorian Choir Curitiba

15/8 (Thursday)

12h - "Devotions" - musical performance Band Lyra Curitiba
15h - “Face of the City” - delivery of the Nossa Senhora da Glória monument

19h - Traditional Mass of Our Lady of Glory with Coral Gregorian Curitiba

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