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Björk Digital, catalog, cover - featured. Disclosure.
Björk Digital, catalog, cover - featured. Disclosure.

Björk Digital online catalog, instagram filters, videos and lives to celebrate Björk Digital at CCBB

In view of the interruption due to force majeure (COVID-19) of the Björk Digital exhibition that was at CCBB Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, a series of content related to the universe of the Icelandic multiartist will be made available to the public from 5 October. In addition to of the catalog in online format to be made available on the website www.cinnamon.com.br/bjorkdigital, they are planned lives with Björk employees and national guests, interactive elements and videos on different aspects of the artist's work.


The catalog “Björk Digital”, made especially for the homonymous exhibition of music and virtual reality held at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil will be available online and free of charge, on a website created especially for this purpose. The digital book contains exclusive images, unpublished interviews with various collaborators of the artist and the backstage of the exhibition conceived by Björk and James Merry.

In parallel, James Merry, creative director and right hand of the artist, created a new Instagram filter, inspired by the mask used by Björk in his shows: Utopia Silicone, with sticks, flowers and fungi. The mask's creative process also featured the participation of Andrezza Valentin and Vivi Andrade, both Brazilian creative directors.

Previously, Merry had already created, especially for exposure at CCBBs, two exclusive Instagram filters: Medusa (released in December 2019 at the opening of the exhibition at CCBB Brasília) and Glaucography (in March 2020 at the opening of the exhibition at CCBB RJ), both with more than 1 million hits in the first 24 hours. The three filters will be available from Björk's website and Instagram.


In unique presentations, Mrs lives free with foreign and Brazilian guests happen days 17 and 18 October from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm and touch the aspects of immersion, art and music from Björk's work.

On the first day, James Merry, creative director of Björk and co-creator of the exhibition Björk Digital, participates in a chat with Brazilian multi-artist Alma Negrot, and following, Jesse Kanda, musician and director of the clips Mouth Mantra and Arisen My Senses, performs a DJ set, preceded by a talk with artist Linn da Quebrada.

On the second day, Andrew Thomas Huang, clip director Notget and Family, chat with Zeca Camargo, followed by DJ set international artist to be confirmed, with model participation, DJ and Brazilian director Aisha Mbikila. The mediation of lives is by Bárbara Paz and there will be space for interaction with the public.

Available from 5 October

CCBB Lives AT HOME: Immersion, Art and Music

Date: 17 October
1800 – James Merry chat with Alma Negrot participation
2000 – DJ set Jesse Kanda featuring Linnda Quebrada
Mediation: Barbara Paz
Date: 18 October
1800 – chat Andrew Thomas Huang featuring Zeca Camargo
2000 – DJ set to be confirmed with participation by Aisha Mbikila
Mediation: Barbara Paz

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