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CCJF publishes General Regulations for Project Presentation 2021

The Federal Justice Cultural Center published the General Regulation for the Presentation of Projects for the year 2021. Registration is free and runs until the day 10 January and the results of the selection will be announced on 16 March. Projects can be in the areas of Visual Arts and Photography, Audiovisual, Performing Arts, Music, among others. Check out more details at Regulation.

For editing 2021, the CCJF open your spaces, preferably, for receiving proposals focused on topics such as Access to Justice, Performance of the Brazilian Federal Justice, Human rights, Environment and Environmental Justice, Right of Persons with Disabilities, Indigenous Law, Women's Rights and Dignity of the Human Person, as well as proposals against Racism, Slave Labor and related topics.

Proponents must pay attention to the Institution's guiding principles, in addition to adapting to physical spaces, respect for the building's historical and architectural characteristics and technical feasibility, as stated in the Regulation.

The projects selected in the selection process 2020, that could not be executed, due to preventive measures against the new Coronavirus, have preference in the definition of the 2021. In case of unavailability of dates in 2021, the projects selected in this notice may be scheduled for 2022, with the interest of the proponents.

Visit our website to see the Regulation and our schedule.

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