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Cinequanon, with the Focus Cia. of Dance. Photo: Paula Kossatz.
Cinequanon, with the Focus Cia. of Dance. Photo: Paula Kossatz.

Cinequanon, of Focus Cia de Dança, Premiere in Sao Paulo and references to more than 80 world cinema movies

Show moves the audience with tracks, scenes, costumes, titles and references various films of world cinema; choreography opens the Weeks of dancing on the CCSP

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The brand new show Cinequanon, of Focus Cia de Dança, Premiere in Sao Paulo on September 1 for a very short season (until 3 September) the CCSP – Centro Cultural São Paulo. The work, It is directed, design and choreography by Alex Neoral, Opens the 14th edition of the Weeks of Dance, São Paulo event which features, This year, a curatorial clipping that includes companies and groups with over a decade of professional career.

The Focus is a contemporary dance companies invited by Petrobras Cultural Program. The contribution received guarantees the maintenance and circulation for several cities in Brazil, Some even have never seen any work of Focus, supplementing 17 years of experience in 2017.

Cinequanon is the latest work of the company and put on stage about of 80 references to films in the world cinema. Tracks the costumes, of the titles, many elements are on stage. “I left from different points in the construction. Film images suggested movements, bonds drew gestures and scenes. It was a great mix of references that at times appear more clearly and in other points an atmosphere”, explains Alex Neoral, corégrafo and Director of the show.

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The show consists of a set of scenes that bet in the universe of the film as creative line. In the dreamlike atmosphere, the show seeks inspiration in music-powered affections, noise, objects and different character archetypes packing and give plot the film productions of various genres.

Works of Filmography of all times, as "modern times", "Psychosis", "The Godfather", "Dogville", "Matrix", "Ensaio sobre a cegueira”, "All about my mother" and many other, served as a basis for the construction of the show that have in your cast Carol Pires, Cosme Gregory, José Veiga, Gabriela Lima, Marcio Jahú, Mônica Burity, Roberta Bussoni and also Alex Neoral, It talks about how these films appear in Cinequanon: “[Are present] the terror of Alfred Hitchcock (four dancers, all of blonde wigs, allude to the universe of the British filmmaker), the unforgettable Chaplin of ' modern times ' in a men's floor, the grandiosity of Hollywood, but not only. It also has space for the exciting universe of Danish Lars Von Trier or the universe out of line by Pedro Almodóvar. And how do we frame movies that pervade our memory, children's characters appeared and until those of adulthood, as the girl in the red coat “Schindler's list”, a milestone in this movie, and that appears in the show now in costume, now in the light, now in set design or scenic objects”.

Something jumped in the eyes throughout the process of creating, says Alex Neoral, It was noted how the film's reference to the everyday. "Guy has a ' movie theater ' with ' film view '. You enter an environment in which plays some music and think: ' I feel like I'm in a movie '. It's a movie in the real world. There are many possibilities of affection that arise, as well as personal stories that can be told through a song that packed a classic scene of American cinema. Behind it, follow ".

About the trajectory of Focus Cia de Dança

So in love with music and dance, Alex Neoral has provided new perspectives on movements to take advantage, for example, the work of Roberto Carlos, motto of the consecrated show The songs that you danced for me, and still bringing together the legacy of pictorial Candido Portinari the songs of Chico Buarque in Miss me, to name two of the recent works of the Repertoire of Focus Cia. of Dance. “The script that I created is not chronological, Nice of you to register. There is no continuous narrative and each scene evokes a universe itself”.

Regarded as one of the leading contemporary dance companies of Brazil, the Focus Cia. terminating the dance calendar of celebrations of their 15 years of work with Cinequanon. Throughout the year 2016, the group performed on the river and around the Brazil with your repertoire (especially with the choreographic parts ' The songs you danced for me ' and ' miss me '), In addition to having also done a tour in Canada. "Looking at this intense story of 15 years, repair with praise that have established a significant place on the territory of contemporary dance ", concludes Alex Neoral.

Between 2010 and 2011, the Cia reported in 32 cities of France highlighting the Lyon dance Biennale. Abroad, took his works for Canada, United States, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Panama. In Brazil, For more 80 cities, between capitals and cities of the interior. In 2007 and 2008 his works have been listed among the best of the year by Notebook B, the Jornal do Brazil. In 2011, the work "The songs you dance for me" was voted one of the 10 best for the newspaper O Globo, and 2012 by the Folha de Sao Paulo, being one of the top three for the originality and simplicity in the opinion of the jury expert. The show arrives next brand 300 presentations and more than 100 thousand spectators. Still 2012 was chosen through public selection of the Petrobras Cultural Program with a sponsorship for three years, to develop its activities. In 2014, debuted the show "miss me" in partnership with the Portinari Project and John Candido Portinari. In 2016 debuted the show “Cinequanon” in Rio de Janeiro.

Free Workshop

In addition to the presentations, the company will hold a free workshop for professionals on Saturday 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on rehearsal room 1 the CCSP – room Jardel Filho. Entries via email: focusciadedanca@gmail.com (send resume until the day 25/08 for evaluation)


Direction, design and choreography: Alex Neoral
Production Director: Tatiana Garcias
Local Production: Náshara Silveira
Lighting: Binho Schaefer
Lighting technician: Paul Denizot
Costumes: André Vital and Mônica Burity
Hair and makeup:: André Vital
Making costumes: Jaeho Garcias
Musical Direction: Philip Habib
Video direction: Leandro Fernandes and Vitor Mann
Scenography: Márcio Jahú
Stage technician: David Rodrigues
Press Office: Open Channel
Photos: Paula Kossatz
Visual Communication: Infinitely Creation Studio
With: Alex Neoral, Carol Pires, Cosme Gregory, José Veiga, Gabriela Lima, Marcio Jahú, Mônica Burity and Roberta Bussoni.


Cinequanon, with the Focus Cia. of Dance
01 to 03 September 2017
6and Saturday, at 9:00 pm | Sunday, at 8:0 pm
Centro Cultural São Paulo – Jardel Filho Room
Vergueiro Street 1000 – Paraíso – São Paulo – SP
Tickets: free (Remove with 2 hours in advance)
Information: (11) 33974002 – CCSP Info Center – Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 to 8:00 pm; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, das 10h às 18h

Duration: 75 minutes | Rating: 14 | Capacity: 321 places


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