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Books, featured. Disclosure.
Books, featured. Disclosure.

Collection of short stories to be read in 2021

Enjoy multiple stories in one book

Anthologies and collections of short stories are great reading options for people who don't have much time in their daily lives, for bringing together several narratives in a single book the experiences are diverse and thinking about it we list five books that are included in this category to be read later this year.

Confined love

Using the current Covid-19 pandemic as a backdrop, the anthology brings together tales by various authors about relationships during social isolation. Launched by Peculiar Editora and organized by Rafaela Guimarães, the narratives explore novels that grew and flourished in that moment and go to those that ended by distancing.

Dark Anthology

Edited by author Cesar Bravo, the anthology is a tribute to the bestselling Stephen King. Launched by DarkSide Books, the work is the first volume of a collection that will promote the importance of horror stories and the dialogue between national authors, from beginners to veterans. In the narratives, we follow stories inspired by the classics of the King of Terror, all written by national writers.

Salem macules

Launched by Peculiar Editora, this is an anthology that brings together witches, spells and black magic through short stories written by authors from all over Brazil. Organized by Amr Wolf, the narratives tell stories of the descendants of a line of witch sisters who fought the demon “The Defiler”, what made them “marked”, an initial plot.

Black Forest

Edited by Rafael Porfírio, this is an anthology of tales that revolve around the disappearance of Anne Carter, billionaire Alexander Bryan's wife. The woman mysteriously disappeared in the Black Forest, in Germany, but after months the search is over and the husband offers 3 million dollars for those who find the loved one alive or dead.

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