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How to assemble a hotel bed at home?

If there's something you can't miss in a rest period, it is a comfortable and cozy bed to help relax your body and mind.


An example of this, is being able to enjoy the nights sleep in a hotel bed during the holidays, a long holiday or even the weekend. But as they always say, there is nothing better than coming home and finding the ideal balance in your resting environment. Thinking about it, why not experience a hotel bed in your own home?


The soft touch of the blanket with the ideal balance of the mattress provide a better quality of sleep.. Thinking about how to help create the dream bed anywhere, the architect Priscilla Zarzur listed some quick tips and tricks to facilitate the choices and make the moment of rest even better.

1. Choose the best sheets for your bedroom;

First of all, keep in mind the size of the bedding and note if your mattress type needs to come with extra layers to improve comfort and provide more softness. Therefore, make sure you have a bigger size to "extend" the mattress on all sides.


at the head, leave enough to have a fold that adorns the bed. Thinking about the material and quality you need for your resting environment, it is super valid to opt for sheets and pillowcases made of light fibers, like egyptian cotton.

2. Pillows and pillowcases

Since we want to guarantee a perfect night's sleep with a hotel bed, it's time to think about the pillows and pillowcases that make up the bedding set used.

Therefore, remember that when buying a pillow, it is necessary for the item to be comfortable for those who will sleep in bed.

Now to choose the pillowcases, it is worth noting the number of threads starting at 150 – the greater this number, softer, velvety and resistant is the fabric.

3. Touch of personality and choices

Among the materials used in hotel bedding, shell, also known as bedcover, it is a touch that reinforces the decor and comfort of the bed according to the personality of the intimate area.

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If you want to have a luxury bed, let the shell fall to the ground and choose between 4 and 6 pillows and use a soft aroma in the environment, bringing well-being and warmth to the nights sleep.

4. Maintenance

To keep your hotel bed, It is recommended to change parts weekly.. Therefore, it is recommended to have at least four sets of sheets, ensuring good turnover and five-star sleep every day.


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