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Connect by Giovani de Arruda Campos

Giovani de Arruda Campos é Docente, Escritor, Palestrante e Consultor.

Giovani de Arruda Campos is Professor, Writer, Speaker and consultant.

AndWhile it's not a novelty the issues involving the internet and building relationships to come over the internet, and that in practice such a strategy is one of the major difficulties of various artists and professionals from the most diverse areas, I understand that turn our backs on the issue is to ignore not only your potential, but, especially, fadar his career to oblivion.

Thereby, succinctly, in this article I will present the importance of three key questions to develop your image on the internet, it means, Mastering Digital technologies of information and communication (TDIC) with their computers, Smartphones, programs and applications; recognize that the internet and its various digital platforms for communication and building relationships are fundamental to their visibility and, What is redundant, the domain of your area of knowledge, that is, have an expertise, differentials and in-depth knowledge about what reveals his intellectuality, your practice, anyway, your profession.

There are many arguments to prove that if you are a person who dominates the TDIC, navigating and can promote on the internet of honest and intelligent way, and basing his career with choices of undergraduate courses, post graduation, etc.., your chances are greater than those that have an aversion to digital technologies and social networks on the internet.

The first argument, about the TDICs, is simple:

"Who does not have mastery of the tools of the information age, it means, computers, tablets, Smartphones, etc.., and their software that allow text editing, Slideshow, production of spreadsheets, Imaging, anyway, programs and applications that enable the production of knowledge as will be sharing the margins of young people who were born in this environment scanned and dominate such technological bases as their own developers. "

An example of technical knowledge, in the movie the "The Social Network", where the character lived by Mark Zuckerberg, even with the young age couldn't break into systems and produce programs that are worth millions, like Facebook. All well. They say the boy is genius, but, that's not the point. I am referring to the understanding that, If you don't recognize that these technologies and programs, associated with internet, are increasingly present in our daily lives and the distancing of this reality is a fatal error to keep alive today,

whether you're an employee or an employer is critical to recognize that, and to keep fighting this trend, it means, not because in practice this knowledge, don't get better yourself to new technologies is to live behind the changes.

Another fundamental point, is the domain of the internet and its ability to build relationships. It's been a while since social networks become popular all over the world, but, now, the movement is to social networks that meet specific niches, as for example the LinkedIn, which was recently sold to Microsoft for the low price of 26,2 Billions of dollars. I wonder why Microsoft, the largest software company in the world, pay such amount by Linkedin? Because it works. It may be that for many the experience in this social network has not produced any effect, but, need to know the relationship platform, your tools and how it should be used to obtain success with her. There are several texts that tell what to do and what not to do on Linkedin, get notoriety with the recruiters, but, It is necessary to search and, especially, perform these changes in your profile. If you do not, anything will do to be a member of the network. And increasingly, We have domain for these image-building techniques (remembering that the honesty of the information is critical) to maintain our high employability, even more, so that we can make use of the Networking When unemployed. But for that you need for hands-on, want to learn new things, to be updated trends, because in the future, the work that involves little intellectuality involved will be increasingly scarce.

And finally, Since we got into this field of the intelligentsia, the third point is to focus on an area of knowledge, preferably to be their vocation and to be in love, and study continuously. The first step, is to make the choice of what you want to do, study, be, from a professional point of view. This choice is not easy, therefore, make it easy. No rush. A tip. Pay a visit to a professional in this area, If you can, do an interview with someone who is a reference on the subject so you can have a clear notion of the area will act. This can help in decision-making, so to move on as to abort the choice. Well, Assuming you've done this, join a college and pursue a degree course is step two. But study even. Don't pay for a study and escape responsibility to study and grow with this new knowledge. Don't miss this chance, since, Although higher education sector offers numerous opportunities for courses and financing of studies, There's still a lot of people who get paid to study but do not enjoy this investment appropriately. Live the College as a character from the movies Afternoon session. Besides wasting your time, loses money and still speaking ill of the College. Soon, do not follow this path.

Study is serious business and the only way
for people who do not have baby cots
well off to ascend in life.

The third step is to perform a good graduate, focused on your area, preferably soon after the course graduation. Just? Not. Study, long ago ceased to be an activity that we used only in College. The sooner you accept the idea that you're going to have to study continuously, faster will understand that achieve success as a point in the future is think small, since, success, for people who study continuously is lived in this, daily, for the rest of their lives.

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