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Art consulting – Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho

Art consulting – Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho

Elizabeth Mory Rudge Castilho offers custom consulting in artwork decoration, in choosing or setting of fabrics and design objects, to set details that add value to any environment and its composition, within each style and the possibilities of combinations, very important at the time to design a decoration with style and personality.

Elizabeth is renowned artist, participated in several exhibitions with his original and contemporary art, in its large multi-line creations and techniques, featuring a vast repertoire of works of art, composed of paintings and photographs, sculptures and design.

In their works the artist draws inspiration from nature, in the wind and the movement of the hands. She seeks an exploration of the interior of matter and form, with harmony and balanced firmness and remains true to the relationship between nature and the human being.

The complete work of Elizabeth can be seen and ordered on the site:

and on the facebook page:




E-mail: contato@space-contemporaneo.com




Betth Leaks / FIC Press Office
(11) 99359.1768 /

bethfugas@uol.com.br / bethfugas@gmail.com



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