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Hot Pot Course by Luiza Christ

Hot Pot Course
by Luiza Christ

Hot Pot Course 4Taught by the artisan Antonina Berrutti.
Date: 25 and 26 February, from 18 to 22 hours.
Investment: R$ 450,00 – Materials included.
Local: Atelier d'Arte

Your Entry will be confirmed by sending the deposit receipt of 50% the value of the course.

Requiring the use of ceramic furnace.

Practical course to be held in firing of ceramics and glass in microwave, using a small furnace.

You can merge and enamelling small pieces of glass and ceramics, with height 3,5 cm 4 cm base.

Perfect for making little pieces for crafts, as jewelry and mosaic.

Would be content – Test ceramic glazes, and. It would be glass, enameling in ceramics and Raku.

Course is great for those who make crafts, as jewelry, mosaico, useful diameter 7 cm height 4 cm.


-Knowing and using the muffle;
– Testing ceramic glazes;
– Testing enameling on glass;
– Preparation of enamels for Raku;
– Testing enamels for Raku;
– Application and firing ceramic decal.

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