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Dance, rock and technology: Dancer tells about her experience of choreographing online show

With more than 10 years of experience, dancer Gabriela Moriondo had an unusual challenge during the pandemic: choreograph a rock band live 3D format show from scratch. You can find the result of this adventure in the live “From Order to Flow – A Hybrid and Experimental Live", created by the Metassoma Collective (ES), which features the My Magical Glowing Lens project as its protagonist, created by the multi-instrumentalist and music producer, Gabriela Terra. The audiovisual work is available online, on the MMGL channel. The dancer will grant a free Contemporary Dance Workshop next Wednesday (04/08), via subscription. Details on the service at the end of the text.

Watch "From Order to Flow": youtu.be/G-Hp4BEXSYc

The first contact between choreographer and rocker took place in 2020, when the music artist sought dance classes with the Ballerina. And from that moment online dating began during the pandemic, that happened while they thought about the creation process.

"We noticed several reflections and analogous processes between dance and music in the meetings, in a kind of identification. Then came the invitation to continue working with her and joining the Da Ordem ao Fluxo team. what a joy, because I'm a fan of Gabi's work. Gabi Terra gave herself to dance improvisation exercises in an impressive way and danced as if she had danced all her life. I always talked to her about her body intelligence and creativity.. Everything flowed so naturally…", evaluates Gabriela Moriondo, responsible for choreography.

The naturalness of Gabriela Terra's movements did not happen without a rational work by Moriondo. The choreographer says that she sought inspiration in the body expression of the multi-instrumentalist, as if the movements already existed in Gabi Terra's own body.

"I present theories of movement and together we experiment with moving the body in different ways. Then enter the intention layer and the dance dialogue with the sound, which is so potent and intrinsic to Gabi. The dialogue with Glauber Vianna, artistic director, about the virtual spaces where Gabi would dance each choreography also greatly fueled her way of dancing, of looking, to occupy the space. Finally, the motion capture technology made its own dance interventions and demands and the result finally appeared. The process was extremely rewarding.”, praises Gabriela Moriondo.

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With synchronous and virtual trials, the process took place thanks to a methodology developed jointly between the two. Through online meetings, Gabriela Terra's bodily learning was accompanied by the artistic director, Glauber Vianna, that helped to imagine the scenarios that are present in the project "From Order to Flow". After a few months of testing, the project "From Order to Flow – A Hybrid and Experimental Live", had a positive result for Gabriela Moriondo, who welcomes the meeting between dance and technology.

“Digital dances with the use of motion capture technology have enabled incredible and unprecedented dance creations. I always passionately comment with the team when we share results., I really want to continue investigating these possibilities.. This is how the Metassoma Collective also appears, that is born from our meeting and the desire to continue creating. I search, in contemporary dance, endlessly explore the possibilities of the body. And now I see a digital environment where the body can transform itself into infinite visual information and inhabit any environment… My heart flutters with the urge to experience everything.”, afirma Moriondo.

Music, dance and technology. These three manifestations will be united in the audiovisual experience “From Order to Flow – A Hybrid and Experimental Live", which will feature the presence of My Magical Glowing Lens, project by the capixaba music producer and multi-instrumentalist Gabriela Terra. in live format, the virtual presentation brings a retrospective of the Cosmos (2017) and paves the way for the release of Gamana, the next MMGL record. The project debuts on the day 28 July, at 8:0 pm, and intends to give new meaning to the look at Espírito Santo's artistic experimentation and counts on the vision and creativity of the artistic collective Metassoma.

Meet Gabriela Moriondo

Gabriela Moriondo is from Espírito Santo, graduated in Contemporary Dance from the Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil (2014), specialized in Dance Studies by the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (2016), Qualified in Contemporary Dance Performance (ATCL) by Trinity College London (2016), graduate student in Plastic Arts at the Federal University of Espírito Santo, and acts as a dancer, instructor, choreographer and independent cultural producer in Espírito Santo. Researching contemporary dance and improvisation, Gabriela conducted intensive courses in Israel and Germany, and executed in the state of Espírito Santo the project Improviso Coletivo (2017), which featured nine editions. In addition, developed the show CYBER (2019), premiered at Matias Brotas Contemporary Art, and, as resident choreographer at Cia Reverence (ES), developed the ZOON shows (2017) and (des)EQUALIZE (2019), in addition to working in collaboration with other artists from Espírito Santo, like Maicom Souza, André Prando and Gabriela Terra (My Magical Glowing Lens).

Workshop Service
Contemporary Dance with Gabriela Moriondo
Date: 04/08/2021 (on wednesday)
Time: 19h
Inscription: forms.gle/XpjKFeQ196F4GHk28
Duration: 2h
Vacancies: 20
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