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Dayana Cutuneo prepares to release first book

The book, still in the process of editing, is the author's only one and promises to bring life reflections

the pedagogy student Dayana Cutruneo is ready to release her first book, titled as "God and the process in me", by Editorial Group Coherence. The Porto Alegre narrates her own biography in the book and hopes that her story will help other people.

"My life was full of ups and downs", account Wait, who was inspired by her breakthroughs and started writing. After a teenage pregnancy and a troubled relationship, she had to survive the challenges of life. Ran away, matured and married her current husband, who always dreamed of having a child. The fights were persistent and Wait found the strength he needed in God. “Everything that happened to me, no mincing words", relates to author, who are currently afraid of the book's release.

"God and the process in me", from Dayana Cutruneo promises to tear readers' tears and the launch is expected to take place later this year.

Synopsis: After a premature pregnancy, the result of a troubled relationship, Dayana discovers that the world can be crueler than she thought. Although having a child was not in her plans, she finds in this bond the strength to withstand the injustices of life. not many options, driven by the need to survive, You will need to make tough choices as your top priority is ensuring your baby's comfort.. Even raised to be a princess, realize that life is not a fairy tale, but still carries with it the hope of living a happy ending.

About the author: Dayana Cutruneo got pregnant very early and didn't have the chance to devote much time to her studies.. at twenty two years old, got interested in the music, taking singing lessons and now working as a gospel singer. In her spare time, she likes to enjoy her family and her few friends. Even without the intention of becoming a writer, Dayana wrote God and the process in me, your first published book, with the need to share your story with others.

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