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Léa Michaan and Chris Sevla. Photo: Disclosure.
Léa Michaan and Chris Sevla. Photo: Disclosure.

From São Paulo to all of Brazil: books written by authors from São Paulo are successful

Chris Sevla and Léa Michaan stand out in the literary milieu with their works

Presenting different proposals, books are able to provide us with excellent experiences through words. And this is one of the gifts that Chris Sevla and Lea Michaan present, both authors from paulista attract the attention of readers with their titles, which have already been read by people from all over Brazil.

Author of more than seven books published in the publishing market, Chris Sevla proposes to transform lives through its narratives. With special touch, which he claims to be his trademark, the writer always raises reflections on hope, faith and love.

“How not to fall in love with you”, released in 2020 by Editora Skull, is one of the author's titles. The work carries several positive reviews and tells the story of Hannah, one of the greatest athletes of all time going through complicated moments after discovering that a disease threatens her survival. And with the delicate conditions, the protagonist sets out on a challenging journey that leads her to discover that there is much more to life than death, even when you know you're going to die.

Aclimation Resident, São Paulo, the artist's works have already passed into the hands of readers from all over Brazil, and at the moment, she dedicates herself to negotiating the cinematographic adaptation of her narratives.

On the other hand, a psychologist Lea Michaan também se destaca no Brasil com "Small", your debut novel, in which it presents a narrative that aims to reveal resources to resignify life as a whole.

In the story, the main character, Small, search for answers, as its name derived from Hebrew words indicates ー MA (which) e LY (for me) ー, which means “what is mine?”. The essence of the characters intertwine them and, together, seek reasons for life issues. The book takes place on the paradisiacal beaches of the Island of Capri, Italy, and to fan the reader, the central idea of ​​the story is that nothing is certain.

The psychologist lives in Santa Cecília and in the same region serves her patients. Working with great mastery in both professions, to author, as Chris Sevla, also carries the power to transform lives through writing and the art of listening to people.

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