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Natural decoration promotes well-being and even beautifies the environment

Use of plants and flowers indoors increases well-being, productivity and creativity; architect gives tips on how to enjoy spring

Spring has truly arrived and, with her, of decoration colorful and fragrant. But did you know that, in addition to a beautiful aesthetic, the natural decoration reflects directly on the well-being, reduces stress and anxiety, in addition to improving mood and creativity?

Well, um exemplo vem do Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace, study developed by Interface with the analysis of 7,6 thousand jobs in 16 countries. The results showed that biophilia (term described in years 80 by American biologist Edward Osborne Wilson, as "love of living things") in office environments increases by 6% the productivity, 15% occupants' sense of well-being and 15% creativity.

Thinking about combining aesthetics and promoting well-being, Cristina Cardoso, architect of decorated apartments at Yticon, A.Yoshii Group construction company, prepared a series of tips to make the most of what the station has to offer, whether in home decor or comfort.

Just use creativity and a little imagination.. According to her, to begin, the ideal is to incorporate the flowers, leaves and plants that bring more life to environments, while improving air quality, because they increase the humidity of the place. As simple and effective as, the professional suggests using lighter and more colorful fabrics, very typical of spring. Check out more tips.

Natural plants and flowers

Natural plants and flowers play a fundamental role in creating a spring-like and fresh environment.. Whether indoors or outdoors, they help renew the air, to keep the humidity, besides being beautiful and fragrant. “On the balconies, the tip is to invest in vases of different heights, preferably made of ceramic, that keep the moisture of the earth longer, help filter the sun and bring freshness into any room.” The scent of plants can be enhanced by aromatizers. On primavera, the guideline is to use lighter and citrus scents, that can be extended to the summer.

The flowers and plants, in your most, prefer places with shadows, although, enlightened, that is, no direct sunlight. In addition, they also play a key role in keeping the environment cooler – ideal for the hottest days – and add a lot of style to the room. Therefore, to make the living room even more sophisticated, the use of glasses It is an excellent option that transforms the environment, whether they are colorful or more discreet, giving greater prominence to the plant itself.

Already in the rooms, thinking about the warmth, several studies prove that there are flowers and plants that can even help with the quality of sleep and make your private space more relaxing, beyond beautiful. “Getting a good night's sleep is essential and some have a direct effect on mood., reasoning and productivity. Plants also help with breathing problems, since they purify the air.”

Florida decoration

in the decoration, it is not always easy to change the color of a sofa, for example. However, the pillows, bedding and objects can and should be changed according to the time of year to provide a more suitable environment for the current temperature. “Knitted blankets and fleeces give way to cotton, with floral and soft prints.

with creativity, it is possible to transform the house according to the season without spending too much”, exemplifies the architect. In this sense, when possible, the recommendation is also to replace or remove carpets from the environment to make the floor more airy. “Be porcelain, vinyl or wood veneer, smaller rugs can be placed, finer and more natural fabrics to make the environment more cozy.”

Smells and aromas

Most families have that classic gastronomic recipe or that characteristic perfume that transports everyone to festive moments.. So, why not bring this perfume to the decoration? Get on this list, cinnamon or vanilla, the smell of fresh pine or the flowers that decorate the house. Other refreshing scents, like fresh herbs from the garden, can also be used, like rosemary, bay leaf and lemon. “These herbs are air fresheners. Candles and sachets are also options to set the home in the spring mood.”

gardens in apartments

Know how to organize the decoration of a garden – small green area in ground floor apartments – is essential for this to provide comfort. Therefore, plan which materials, plants and other objects will be used helps to fill the space. For those who like to take care of the garden, growing green grasses and ground covers is an easy and affordable option, but it must be done carefully.

“Some do best in full sun., then, if there are many trees or regions shaded by walls – or even the shadow cast by the building itself most of the day -, the ideal is to give preference to coverings of shade, how are you, peanut grass, among other ", explains.

dehydrated plants

Gradually, dried and dehydrated plants conquered a special space in the decoration of environments. by combining beauty, durability and almost no need for maintenance care, the dry arrangements embody a bucolic look, rustic and conceptual, adding personality to home decor without the need for careful cultivation.

“These arrangements are natural plants that have gone through a dehydration process, have lost all their water and do not deteriorate as much over time. Dry arrangements are an interesting alternative to introduce natural elements into the home in a lasting way and without the need for maintenance.”

Herb Growing

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Whether at home or apartment, have a space, even if it's small, to plant and grow your own food is a great idea, that can help in a healthier and more practical diet. Combining the useful with the pleasant, growing herbs in the kitchen or on the balcony – with the creation of small gardens – becomes an excellent idea and sustainable alternative. “This is a simple alternative, very low investment, but that brings countless benefits to the aesthetics of the environment and family health.”

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Finally, for bathrooms and toilets, where there is hardly any strong incidence of light, there are plants that manage to adapt more easily in these places. Natural plants give a special touch to this environment, bringing more color, perfume and freshness.

"In this case, species are indicated that develop well in indoor areas, no direct sunlight, but with good lighting and ventilation, like succulents, bunch of money, boa constrictor, among other ", suggests.

Dehydrated natural plants, according to the architect, are great options for those who want to maintain a more natural appearance without worrying about care, watering and site cleaning. “In this option, essences of any aroma can be added, which leaves the environment fragrant and without the strong smell of cleaning products”, attentive.

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