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Tips for using wicker furniture in your decor

The s wicker furniture have great prominence in the houses and draw the attention of anyone due to their rustic style that brings an air of countryside environment into the house., ideal for those who love contact with nature.

It's not news to anyone that styles, concepts and even decoration furniture have changed a lot over time, and spaces like nature began to be implemented inside homes.

This because, many people love being in contact with everything that involves nature and studies prove that these environments end up bringing a greater sense of peace and tranquility to residents and visitors..

find the best marble cement price got even simpler with the internet, as well as finding the wicker furniture and inspirations to leave your environment with your face.

Wicker furniture is furniture made with parts of tree trunks such as willow and even willow., furniture is often braided, very light and, in your most, are varnished before sale to last longer.

In addition to being beautiful, bring to the environment an idea of ​​country space, perfect for nature lovers, yet to be versatile and combine with several other decoration items in the environment.

Not to mention that, rattan furniture also brings sustainability to your environment, because you will have furniture that can be produced by wood and materials that would be wasted in nature.

This all just goes to show how wicker furniture can be great options for your home., bringing sustainability, economy and versatility for the environment, can be combined with a stainless steel ladder and even with a sofa set.

And to show you how simple it is to think of different ways to use wicker furniture to match your home, We have selected some ideas to help you in this process..

10 tips on how to use wicker furniture

Some say that decoration is a freshness, but only those who don't understand the importance of it for any environment think like that and how decoration is a way of expressing the message that each one wants to pass through the environment in which they are..

Thus, The first step in decorating a home in the best way is to understand that all your choices are directly linked to the message and feeling you want to have and convey through your home..

Whether in the composition of frames in wooden frame or even in the chosen paint colors, everything communicates and it is important that you match the furniture, heart and color items that follow that promise.

Therefore, if you are interested in wicker furniture or want to have it in your home, Below are the best tips that we have separated to help you compose a personalized decoration for your home. Check:

1.    Chair

The chair is an essential piece of furniture that cannot be missing in any home., however, there are those who do not like or do not feel comfortable with the conventional chairs that are usually sold or that accompany the dining tables.

Therefore, you can bet on wicker chairs, that besides being beautiful, can still be customized and have upholstery to make it even more comfortable and with a more rustic atmosphere for the house.

2.    Cradle

And for those who have babies or want to gift someone who will, The wicker crib is a great option for the child.

the wicker crib, besides being beautiful and sustainable, brings a feeling of lightness and tranquility to the drink, and with very comfortable blankets, he will have his moment of rest with a great quality, ideal for child development.

3.    Lamps

The light fixtures are decoration items that make all the difference in the environment, completely changing the way the place is lit and whoever thinks that it is necessary to spend lots of money is wrong.

On the contrary, you can invest in lamps made of wicker, that in addition to being much more affordable, bring a more country air to the environment, making you feel even in a camp.

4.    small closet

It is completely normal for people to look for small closets to leave in a specific corner of the house or even one that is easy to move around for a series of activities. corporate events and get-togethers.

The wicker cabinet is the best option in these cases, because in addition to being beautiful decoration items, they are easy to transport and clean, allowing anyone and in any situation to be able to use it very well.

5.    Trunk

The trunk is also a piece of furniture that many people do not give up., because besides being beautiful, are great options to store some items that the person doesn't use much or even use to disguise that little mess that exists.

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The wicker trunk is a great option for those who love furniture that appears to be handmade and that brings that feeling of home from nature into the house., they are easy to clean and because they are wicker, They are light and can fit a lot depending on their size..

6.    Coffee table

A coffee table is a piece of furniture that makes all the difference both in the living room of an apartment and in the reception of an office that provides sound insulation solutions, because in addition to serving as support for visitors, bring an air of comfort to people.

And the coffee tables made with wicker make even more difference in the decoration of the environment., as they deliver an environment full of lightness and tranquility, in addition to being easy to clean and light when cleaning or even changing them.

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7.    Bedside lamp

And when we talk about comfort and tranquility, it is normal that many people think of the famous lamp, which is usually on the side of people's beds with a very dim light to create that comfortable and peaceful environment to rest.

To make the environment even more pleasant, you can buy or even make a wicker lampshade with a more yellowish bulb, and this makes the space the ideal space for those who need to relax.

8.    Trinket Box

Have you ever heard about the trunk? It is that piece of furniture that serves to put the things of the day to day, like glasses, keys, pens, papers with important messages and various other things.

Therefore, you can invest in buying one that is made of wicker, bringing a comfortable and practical environment where the things will also have their space.

9.    Swing

Regardless of what your age is, no one can resist a swing when they see it, Is not it? Well, and it is not necessary to have a large space or expensive materials to make a, it is more than possible to produce it with wicker.

That's right, you can have a balance sheet inside your house or even in your company's office. soundproofing for glass windows.

You can use those modern swings that look like a floating armchair, and with a wicker swing you guarantee a cheap piece of furniture, beautiful and fun for your home.

10.    Screen

The screen is a kind of door that divides a space, is usually used in bedrooms to give more privacy to a person who wants to change clothes.

Thus, the wicker screen allows the construction of this environment with more privacy and without having to spend a lot for it, the wicker screen is simple to clean and still makes the environment more beautiful.

These are just some of the many ideas you can use to decorate your home or even your business. glazing of balconies with glass with wicker furniture, knowing that it is more than possible to have beautiful environments with them.

 In addition to these ideas, you can also invest in wicker in:

  • Entrance halls;
  • Headboards;
  • dressing tables;
  • niches;
  • Garden;
  • Beds for cats and dogs;
  • glass for plants, among others.

Not to mention that, you can even paint the wicker furniture with your favorite color or that follow the color palette of your environment, leaving him even more with your face.

Final Considerations

In this way, you have sustainable and beautiful furniture that will bring savings to your pocket and a comfortable environment for your home or business guardrail manufacturer in Sao Paulo, making both you and your guests or clients comfortable.

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