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DJ Augusto Mystical. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.
DJ Augusto Mystical. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

DJ Mystical says the DJ Ivis case hurt the class's image

DJ and music producer, Augusto Mystical has been working in the phonographic market since 1999 and 2004 won the DJ Sound Awards as National Highlight

Good and bad professionals exist in all professions. However, a big problem happens when the misconduct of one of them stains an entire category. Even more so when the situation in question involves personal and moral issues, as is the case with DJ Ivis: famous, denounced and arrested after assaulting his wife.

When a public figure causes an impact situation like this, the pages of newspapers and magazines, in addition to websites and social networks are full of numerous comments about the subject. And therein lies the danger: the narrative cannot generalize other professionals like DJ Ivis, as this can cause serious problems for those who do the right job.. Who has noticed this situation is DJ Augusto Mystical, one of the best known artists in this field in Brazil: "It is necessary for society to understand that a fact like this can be associated with a category through disconnected narratives, bad and pejorative. Therefore, we must always stick to it in any niche and profession., however insignificant it may seem to outsiders".

in addition to DJ, Mystical is also a music producer. With this professional resemblance to DJ Ivis, he heard bland jokes from random people associating the profession, those people who ooze hate on social media: "Although the crime is something that concerns his private life, some people don't know how to make that difference. on my platforms, there were even those who spoke for free, "and then every DJ does it man?’, because he associated my name and my professional life with what he did and ended up confusing us. Hence, the lack of knowledge of some can spread quickly and bring serious damage if it is not cut in time".

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Situations like the one reported by Mystical are quite recurrent: "In times of fake news, be careful. I've seen several reports showing that innocent people were accused of something and false accusations ran rampant over the internet. A lot of people had serious problems with this, including financial and family. Therefore, be careful. Bad professionals or bad people exist, but we cannot generalize among those who just by coincidence have the same profession", complete.

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