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It is envy or jealous? philosopher gives 5 Tips to live with jealousy and envy to avoid having

Abreu Fabiano contributes measures that it ensures that the two sides can help

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

The philosopher and writer Fabiano de Abreu explores the concept of duality contained in freedom and theorizes that there are two types of people when it comes to choices:

"Have the conviction that choose is to lose, but alsoism gain. There is a duality in the choice and is I need to decide with the thought in ConsequenceisTRENDS and possinMOBILE developments. The whole metamorphosis has its pricthe, como sempre, there is the freedom to choose between action and inisRCIA, entiso hto only two positions to take, two directors, who believe in you and proprio potential risk so, or the murmurers, that fear of conduct and criticize the achievements of others, niso iswill be willing to pay the prices!the.

For those who often have great achievements, Dew Qoprizes and made the deeds of others seem common. For those who gain nothing, in opting forisRCIA, the achievements of those who conquer look doubtful, surreal and amazing too to be true. It is the gap between those which are able ando can watch. The filmmakers admire performed, those who do not realize and do not seek the realization envy those held”.

Abreu Fabiano believes that our freedom then lives on ambiguity present the choices, and that at the end, they are Binamakeup, summing up yes or no movement and the holding:

Our freedom live this ambiguity. If there were in nos this dual nature, this dualism to duel for our attention all the time, nwill powerinamos entwill choose what we want to be and haveinamos our fully given destination. A butterfly nothing is that a caterpillar with wings, who underwent the metamorphosis process in order to gain the cisus, who resigned from its previous state to live the new. Filmmakers are people who can withstand the metamorphosis of pain”.

The philosopher also questions why many who choose not to become filmmakers criticize those who give this step forward:

Similarly, I question me because the caterpillars who do not want or do not try to turn butterfly hate both have embraced the metamorphosis? Beingto by lazyçto, fear or disability? turn, submitting to metamorphosis, is probably the best thing of our lives. The Butterfly so flies freely after passing by a process difluoromethylincil, it claustrofóand at nozzleis painful. But to fly, butterfly waive be caterpillar. I think our biggest mistakes Not Madeo tism to do with the fear of change, but the stoppage that ended up accepting in our lives not to suffer the alleged damage”.


One of the hypotheses put forward by the philosopher on the subject shows the direct relationship between intelligence and progression:

smart people generally move, so say the studies, They choose to do something because they are never satisfied, always want more and more. Isto isto linked to several factors one being anxiety. These people are always looking for new and winning goals, so do not usually have time to worry about the achievements of others jto that too dedicates his time toNumber Qoproper conquistas. also fearedism the issue that, when it isto satisfied with the achievements and the proman vida, sees all around with eyes of happiness and admiration. I see people who despise the conquest of others as, Maybe, lack of ability to search have proPippen achievements and continue hating the fact that they can not win. Thus, They end up not getting the desired place by simple Questait lack of trying”.

As a solution for those who wish to become directors, Fabiano points you have to find your own motivation:

lack motivationtion in some, who is the reason to ACAthe. A motivaçãthe is intrínseca. It is necessarytoRiver discover your niche operations, their natural gifts. Failing that, the motivation that come within, It turns out to be necessarytoRiver have one o'clock ETinexternal mulo, coming from another. And today, time," and the most important, rare and expensive resource that We can offer to other. all nos we are in a world of instant, where everything it is instantâneo. If you stay all the time stimulating someoneismeters, then we lose motivation to our proman vida, for lack of time and emotional investment.

It stands out and it bothers? 5 ways not to affect and have a full life:

1 – showssuperiority tion – If you have the consciousness that stands and will always stand out, then, not demonstrate superiority. This will attract rejection and jealousy. Their achievements can be seen without that being said.

2 – Onwill judge – The force that the word does not even need to say. The trial is an arrogant person and we can never judge without having experienced what the other person lived so acted in such a way. You can be aware of your good taste, but do not expose this as if it were a certainty but an opinion with loopholes for other opinions.

3 – His vain on behalfthe – If stands, They speak to you. If talk of thee, speak good and evil. Take this as achieved success, which means it has notoriety. Not affect the rumor does not match reality. Their attitudes demonstrate the opposite and at the end, the pitcher of lies is that you will lose credibility.

4 – his achievements – They are your achievements, then store them for you. If you need express this as confirmation outburst and, that is for close friends and family. Your fullness is already transported and perceived by the cognitive of others without that needs to be said and it entails envy.

5 – Converts negative to positive – Take what you negative and filters, or if invention is not consistent, discard. But if it is a defect that can fix, convert so you can always evolve and improve.

Feels inferior in society? 5 Tips to be a highlight and need not want to be the other person:

1 – Onisthe feel able? – If you believe not be able or not be able to what almejas, to mirror and use for example the stand, using it as a reference to itself.

2 – Change plan – If the choice did not work, He failed to achieve success, seek other means or change the design, since, it may be that this really did not and will not work and you may be wasting time instead of devoting it that might work.

3 – Invest in yourself – intelligence test for skills sets which professions could be more successful within a cognitive its possibilities and probabilities.

4 – Practice hasintegrationthe – Mind the things that make you stand out professionally to not have time to crave what is not yours.

5 – His life in ascending order – Have goals that are achievable. Conquer increasingly and not decreasing. Not crave the best of all or the last of the top of the list. Aim what can first achieve and then achieve something better than the first, and so on.

Ex.: Do not wish to Lamborghini 1.000.000, want the car 50.000 first, after the 100.000 and so on, do not hold the first, since, It is still too far.

Meaning of words

*Duality é a propriedade ou character that is two-fold, which is the dual, ou que contém em si two natures, two substances or two principles. Duality also has physical significance in the area, mathematics and philosophy.

*Metamorphosis significa mudança, é a transformação de um ser em outro. De uma forma em outra.

*Ambiguity is the quality or state that is ambiguous, that is, what can have more than one meaning or significance.

*Binary é o adjetivo masculino que indica algo que It has two units ou algo que é It consists of two information elements.

*Similarly – Similarly; alike, Similar or corresponding; similarly or equivalently.

*intrinsic – Which is part of the essence of someone; which is characteristic, own, essential or fundamental; inherent.

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