Edmundo Cavalcanti is Columnist of Web Site Works of Art

Edmundo Cavalcanti is Art Columnist.

Our noble friend and visual artist Edmundo Cavalcanti, will be actively present on the Obras de Arte website, publishing his Column of Art.

He has a passion for art, and already writes for some time to the Electronic Magazine Hotspotorlando – AboutUs of Florida-USA, where he is Art Editor of it, disseminating the brazilian artists.

About the Visual Artist:

Edmundo Cavalcanti was born in São Paulo-SP. It's business administrator, retired, autodidact.

Began to draw and paint in Feb. from 2012, initially with graphite pencils, then with watercolor pencil, when discovered pastel, this technique is that he currently uses, and also in some works using mixed media, using the three materials. Recently started oil painting.

Poetry, write when the inspiration comes along with the artwork. Do not have a style yet, paints what he finds beautiful, or simply let the work flow by itself.

  • Individual Exhibition in CAY – Ypiranga Athletic Club in São Paulo – SP – May – 2013
  • Participation in Cultural Exchange Week in Paraíba – Federal University of Paraíba – 22 to 25/08/2013

You can also find the Artist on his Blog, Facebook Profile, her Facebook Fan Page.

You are Welcome Edmundo Cavalcanti, and write beautiful articles!! Success!!!

Best Regards!

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Tony Franco


P.S.: A Friend will also be writing to the site, coming soon

P.S.: And You, enjoys writing about Art? contact us at obrasdarte@obrasdarte.com

* Update: Was columnist until November-2021.

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